Water Leak Detection Duffield - Central Heating, Water Mains, Swimming Pools & More!

ADI Leak Detection provide a non invasive leak detection service throughout Derbyshire, including Duffield, using state-of-the-art leak detection technology like the following:

  • Gas Leak Detectors
  • Moisture Detectors
  • Snake Cameras
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Nitrogen Hydrogen Gas Tracing
  • Pipe Tracing Equipment
ADI Engineers & Customer Service Team Awaiting Your Call

All ADI engineers have access to the very latest in leak detection equipment which allows them to very efficiently track down any leak anywhere on your property. Because we use such advanced techniques to find your leaks it means we can minimize the amount of time spent and interruption caused to your customers or family. And to top it all off we offer you excellent value for money too.

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ADI engineers work on the following projects on a regular basis:

  • Industrial and Commercial Leak Detection
  • Domestic and Residential Leak Detection
  • Insurance Based Work

Every ADI has undergone a thorough training and certification program to ensure they can provide you with the highest quality of service possible. It also means that any ADI engineer can handle the following scenarios:

  • Leaks Inside Walls
  • Central Heating Leak
  • Water Mains Leaks
  • Swimming Pool Leaks
  • Leaks Under Floors
  • Pipe Tracing
Central heating Trace And Access Duffield
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Leak Detection in Duffield

ADI are able to offer their services to customers living in Duffield and the following areas too:

  • Ambergate
  • Belper
  • Duffield
  • Heage
  • Holbrook
  • Kilburn
  • Milford

Water Leak Detection Throughout Duffield

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About Duffield

Duffield is a town or a village known for its long history. The Ferrers built this in 1066 and was demolished 200 years later. It is located in the Amber Valley and is centered on the western bank of the River Derwent. Here are some of the must-visit places in Duffield, Derbyshire.

  • Duffield Millennium Meadow

    The Meadow is such a nice place to take a walk and experience nature. The scenery is charming as it showcases spring flowers and a variety of trees. The meadow is next to the River Derwent and the River Ecclesbourne.

    It’s just a tiny nature reserve with wet grassland. This place is ideal for people who want to experience a smooth stroll while appreciating the beauty and stunning views of the Derwent Valley.

  • Duffield Castle

    The Duffield Castle is known as the remains of one of England’s largest castles. However, since King Henry II destroyed one of England’s medieval castles in 1266, all the remains of the Duffield Castle are the views and foundation.

    It’s just a tiny 1-hectare site located within the Duffield village and now restricted on all sides of roads and housing. Yet, despite it all, this castle is still the best place to relax, enjoy while learning history.
  • Bradman’s Wine Cellar

    One of the best places to hang out and have a great nightlife experience is Bradman’s Wine Cellar. It offers a unique wine tasting experience to guests and visitors. As they stock over forty unique and tasty champagnes and wines, visitors could enjoy their cozy stay. It’s like they are in the comforts of their home as Bradman comes with a tasting room with a very great atmosphere.

  • The White Hart Duffield

    The White Hart is one of the famous restaurants in Duffield. They serve an excellent family meal that diners will enjoy and have a welcoming and accommodating staff and crew. The atmosphere is very vibrant and relaxed, making everyone have that lovely dining experience.
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