ADI Pro Leak Detection Terms & Conditions

For the attention of all our potential future customers and existing customers.

These terms and conditions are available on our website and as an attachment to your confirmation email. Your confirmation email is sent automatically from our system 15 minutes after verbally confirming your booking with our staff over the phone. Starting from the time your confirmation email was sent, ADI offers a 30-minute grace period to read the Ts & Cs, during which you may cancel your appointment free of charge.  After this time, if you have not contacted us, you confirm that the Terms and Conditions have been read and accepted in their entirety and the appointment will become subject to our Cancellation Policy outlined in Section 16.

Quick Reference:

  1. Summary of our Services


ADI offers the following different types of Leak Detection:

  1. Pipework Leak Detection
  2. Structural Leak Detection (Including roofs)
  3. Drainage Survey
  4. Swimming Pool Leak Detection

These are offered as separate services because the skillsets and equipment required for each different type of investigation are not the same. For the majority of customers it will be obvious which type of Leak Detection service you require.  However, if you have no idea which of the above categories your leak pertains to, our Technical Advisers will have a discussion with you to try and work out which service will be best suited to your problem and it will be necessary to go through a process of elimination until the source of the leak is diagnosed. If you have no idea which of the above categories your leak pertains to, more than one appointment may be required to discover the root cause of the issue and any additional appointments required will be fully chargeable. Equally, we will advise you if we do not think our services are suited to your problem.

Please note, we are not boiler repair engineers, builders, roofers, damp proof specialists, window fitters, bathroom or kitchen fitters, flooring contractors etc. As a result, we do not offer repairs in these fields. While our engineers are all qualified and registered plumbers, we do not provide general plumbing services.

For pipework, drainage and swimming pool leak detections, we may be able to quote you for repairs. We do not carry out repairs to roofs or buildings. Repairs carry an additional charge on top of the Leak Detection. Please see Section 10 for further details.

It is possible for a problem that seems like a leak to in fact be being caused by something other than a leak. The following is a non-exhaustive list of things that can falsely indicate a leak: faulty water meter, faulty boiler, bad ventilation, condensation, rising damp, failed damp proof course, one off spillages. Investigations which prove there is no leak are fully chargeable and you may need to engage a different trade or contractor to fully resolve the problem. If you realise at any point after the free cancellation period has passed, that you did not actually require a leak detection, we will not be able to waive or refund any charges.

A note on ‘Trace and Access’:

Our services are often described by insurance companies as ‘Trace and Access’ which reflects the ‘Trace and Access’ cover provided under many policies. Please be advised that a quote for Leak Detection does not include making access to the leak, because we would not expose a leak without also having the intention of repairing it. The access fee would normally fall into the price you have been quoted for a ‘Repair’ and this can be broken down on your quote or invoice document upon request.

  1. Access to Site/Parking

Please ensure that access to the relevant property/ies is arranged in advance. The engineers will need access to the inside of the property for all types of leak detection appointment. It sounds obvious but this is often overlooked! The most common examples of when this can go wrong are listed here:

  • Shared water supplies – we will usually need access to all properties on the shared supply
  • When the booking involves multiple parties (e.g. landlord, managing agents, and tenants)
  • When the water supply goes across someone else’s property
  • Houses of Multiple Occupancy where individual rooms are locked
  • Flats – we may need access to the above/below/adjacent flat

Our Engineers’ equipment is bulky and heavy. Lift access will be required to access any property situated more than two storeys high, as carrying the equipment up multiple flights of stairs poses a risk to our Engineers’ health and safety and their equipment.

We also ask you to ensure there is adequate parking for the Engineer to offload their equipment immediately outside the property. Free parking for the duration of the appointment will be required within 100m of the property. Please be advised that any parking charges (in the form of metered parking, permits, or penalties incurred by ADI if there is no allocated parking) will be payable by the customer at cost + VAT. The same applies to toll charges or any other charges incurred in transit, such as the Congestion Charge.  Any jobs which have to be aborted on the day due to lack of access and/or available parking will still be fully chargeable.

  1. ‘No find, no fee’ Guarantee

Our ‘No find, no fee’ guarantee applies to our domestic customers for one Pipework Leak Detection appointment investigating a single leak at one individual property only, to leaks of at least half a litre a minute, on water mains up to 30m, and hot and cold feeds only. Our ‘No find, no fee’ only applies in cases where we are also instructed to carry out the access and repair.  Leak detection is considered successful when the leak is narrowed down to a room and/or an area of 5m x 5m.

The ‘No find, no fee’ guarantee does not apply to the following:

  • Domestic properties with more than one kitchen and/or more than three bathrooms including WCs and ensuites
  • Shared water mains
  • Commercial/Industrial inquiries
  • Pipework in ducting/insulation/under a membrane
  • Any pipework which has been installed in a way that does not meet standard building and/or water regulations
  • Central heating system leaks. There are many factors which can complicate the investigation such as faulty boilers, build-up of sludge/oxides, presence of leak seal chemicals and stubborn, thermally activated leaks. Please see Section 5 for further details.
  • Intermittent leaks
  • Investigations which prove there is no leak on any pipework at the time of testing/leaks which stop leaking at the time of the investigation
  • Leaks which do not meet the minimum size requirements to be found non-invasively
  • Leaks on supplies where the termination point of the pipe is not known. For example, a water meter is spinning, but it is not known what the pipework is feeding or where it goes.
  • Structural leak detections and structural leaks
  • Drainage surveys
  • Swimming pool leak detections
  1. Accuracy of Information Provided

When an inquiry is made over the telephone or via email, we will attempt to obtain certain information about the suspected problem, and/or certain site-specific details. As well as helping us to work out which type of leak detection investigation you require, this is in order to ensure that the job is quoted accurately and the right number of engineers are allocated to the job. You may be asked to provide information such as the number of radiators on a central heating system, the approximate length of an incoming mains supply, the number of properties a water mains pipe is serving, whether the site is domestic/commercial/industrial, how often a boiler is losing pressure, whether any leak seal chemical has been used, the size of a swimming pool and its current water level etc. It is important that you answer these questions as accurately as possible and to the best of your knowledge. If a leak is not found because we are misinformed about any of these details, and consequently underprepared for the investigation, the ‘No find, no fee’ guarantee (if applicable) will be withdrawn and the appointment, and any additional necessary appointments will be chargeable.

  1. Requirements & Preparation for your Leak Detection

Pipework Leak Detection

In order to carry out effective pressure testing of pipework, our Engineers will require access to all rooms and/or parts of the building associated with the pipework being tested and all existing relevant meters and isolation points. These areas will need to be cleared as much as reasonably possible. Testing will also require all relevant stopcocks and points of isolation to be fully operational. We cannot be held responsible for faulty isolation valves. If testing cannot be carried out successfully due to inaccessibility or failed isolation points, the appointment will still be chargeable at the full quote price for Leak Detection. A quote will then be provided for our Engineers to return to carry out testing at our next earliest availability, and once all problems have been rectified. Please be advised that our service is aimed at finding leaks on hidden pipework, therefore all testing including pressure testing will be made up to the point at which any appliance is isolated, e.g. washing machine and dishwasher isolation valves, and shower thermostatic mixers. This is to avoid causing damage to appliances which are designed to work at standard water pressure. We will of course inform you of any appliance / surface leaks as they are discovered, however this is not a guaranteed service. To be sure an appliance is not leaking during use, an appliance specialist would be required to attend and inspect, and it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange this.

Central Heating System Leaks

  • Please turn ON the heating on the morning of your appointment. If your central heating system is still capable of heating up, please turn the heating on a couple of hours before the start of the appointment to aid with the thermal imaging process.
  • Exception – Under floor heating. Please leave this OFF. Please kindly ensure any under floor heating circuits are isolated (switched off) from the early morning on the day of the appointment, as these tend to generate so much heat that thermal imaging is rendered ineffective.
  • Leak Sealant. Please bear in mind that the presence of leak sealant in a central heating system can significantly impede the Leak Detection process. It is your responsibility to inform our telephone staff at the point of booking if leak sealant has been installed into the system. We advise that leak sealant is removed from the central heating system using a cleaning chemical or by power flushing prior to testing. This however still does not guarantee effective testing as it has been known for sealant residues to remain in a central heating system even after cleaning procedures have been carried out. Please remember that central heating system leaks are not covered under our ‘No find, no fee’ guarantee.

Structural Leak Detection

For roof leak detections, engineers will require access to the loft via a usable loft hatch. Please bear in mind that if the loft hatch is in a different property (for example in the case of some apartment blocks) we will require access to the property containing the loft hatch as well as the one receiving the leak.

For effective leak detection on a flat roof, on foot access will need to be gained to the flat roof. If this is not possible via a window or access ladder, our engineers carry step ladders which they can use to gain access to a flat roof on a single storey building. Please advise the office if the flat roof is two or more storeys high and not accessible via a window or purpose-built access ladder.

Tracer gases can be used on properties with a single storey flat roof and a ceiling void into which the tracer gases can be inserted. The flat roof will need to be accessed in order to detect the tracer gas rising up with the gas sensing unit. Tracer gases can also be used on properties with accessible pitched roofs (generally single storey properties). They cannot be used on inaccessible pitched roofs.

Where a pitched or flat roof is not accessible, and/or it is not possible to use tracer gases, a drone may be used to identify roof defects. The same goes for any inaccessible structural leaks on any other inaccessible part of any building that we may investigate. Please be advised that while a drone is capable of identifying a defect, it cannot prove a leak – a leak can only be proven by the use of tracer gases. In summary, leaks can only be proven on roofs which are accessible and allow the use of tracer gases. Please also be advised that drones cannot be used in busy built-up areas or where flying restrictions are in place. The suitability of drone use will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Drainage Survey

For a successful drainage survey, access to the relevant man hole will be required. If this is not possible (for example, because it has been built over) the engineer will need to gain access by removing a toilet. Please be advised that damage may be caused to the toilet during the process of removing it and ADI is not responsible for replacing any parts damaged during removal. After the survey has been carried out, it may be possible to refit a toilet which has been removed, time – permitting and at an additional cost.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

  • Please ensure that the pool water is clean, clear of debris, and swimmable. If the water is unclean our divers may refuse to enter the water for Health and Safety reasons.
  • Please ensure that the water is not colder than 18 degrees Celsius, as our Engineers may need to spend significant amounts of time under water. Cold water will reduce the amount of time that divers can spend underwater.
  • Please ensure that the pool is filled to its maximum capacity as it will not be possible to identify a leak in the structure or liner if the water is below the leak level.
  • If the pool is empty, we will still be able to test all the filtration system pipework, but not the structure or liner.
  • If your pool has multiple leaks, we will aim to identify all leaks in the first day of testing. In some cases this may not be possible, because smaller leaks may be disguised by the main leak, and further chargeable appointments may be required.
  • Our Engineers carry a vast array of fittings, pipework, bungs and other tools and materials relevant to the task at hand. However, due to the huge diversity of pool/spa/fountain fittings, it may not be possible to supply or obtain certain less common, or unusual fittings required for testing on the day. In this case, special parts may have to be ordered and further chargeable works scheduled at a later date.
  1. Equipment

All Engineers arrive on site to a Pipework Leak Detection appointment with the following equipment as standard:

  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Hydrogen and nitrogen tracer gas testing kit
  • Acoustic listening device
  • Endoscope camera
  • Damp meter

In addition for a Structural Leak Detection:

  • Drone with inbuilt thermal imaging camera and inbuilt optical zoom

The equipment used during a structural leak detection will depend on the specifics of the property.  Please be advised, tracer gases can only be used in cases where the roof is accessible. Drones can only be used in cases where there are no flying restrictions and the property is not situated in a built up area. An individual risk assessment will be carried out for each job and the engineer reserves the right not to use any equipment or carry out any task which is deemed to be unsafe. Electronic Leak Detection equipment can be quoted for on special request.

In addition, for a Drainage Survey:

  • Drainage CCTV camera
  • Jet washing equipment

In addition, for a Swimming Pool Leak Detection:

  • Hydrophones
  • SCUBA equipment
  • Electronic tracing equipment

Please note: Different methods/equipment are suited to different problems. It may not be possible or necessary to use every piece of equipment on every job.  The Engineer will determine in their professional opinion which of the above methods and equipment are best suited to the problem on the day of testing.

  1. Time allocated for Appointments

For pipework and swimming pool leak detections, we allocate up to one whole day. For structural leak detections and drainage surveys, we allocate half day slots. Full day appointment and morning slots start at approximately 9:30am unless otherwise arranged. Afternoon appointments start at approximately 1:30pm. The start time of an afternoon appointment may deviate slightly depending on the finish time of the engineer’s morning appointment. Engineers allocated to afternoon slots will keep the customer informed of any significant changes to the ETA. We do not give specific finish times for our appointments, because all leaks are different and it is never possible to predict exactly how long it will take to detect a leak. We do not give pro-rata refunds if the entire duration  of the appointment slot is not required. If there are multiple leaks to be detected, or if repair works require an additional appointment in order to be completed, quotations for further works will be provided at the end of the first appointment.

  1. Quote prices for Leak Detection

Quote prices for Leak Detection vary depending on the type of leak detection service required, whether the inquiry is domestic/commercial, the size of the problem and the location of the property in question. You will have been quoted for your Leak Detection over the phone and/or via email. Your quote price for Leak Detection is for up to either a half day or a full day of Leak Detection using the methods and equipment listed in Section 6. Please note, our prices are not per hour and will not be reduced if it takes less time than expected to locate the leak. Please be advised that it is not possible to predict materials/sundries costs in advance. If any additional materials/sundries are required to complete the leak detection process and/or repair the leak, these will be added to the final bill. Please note this also applies to parking charges.

  1. Localising the Leak

We will do our utmost to localise a leak to the closest degree of accuracy that is physically possible using the non-invasive methods listed in Section 6. Usually we will be able to narrow it down to an area such as several floor tiles/a particular corner or section of a room or driveway/behind a specified fixture. However, to accurately confirm the location of a leak there is no substitute for physically exposing the leak area.

There are certain factors which will make it harder to locate a leak, for example, suspended flooring and non-porous floor materials such as, but not limited to ducting, vinyl, insulation, celotex, and DPCs. In these cases our equipment may enable us to narrow down the location of a leak to a room or larger area only.

  1. Repairs

Our engineers are usually able to carry out repairs to leaks on pipework and leaks on swimming pools. If, in your initial inquiry you have also been provided with a quote price for the repair, this quote price will only be applicable if the repair can be carried out on the same day as the Leak Detection. If a quote has been provided for a repair, the engineer will endeavour to carry out the repair on the same day as the Leak Detection, however this is not always possible.

Our Engineers will usually carry out repairs in situations which meet the following criteria:

  • There is sufficient time left in the day to complete the repair
  • The repair can be completed without imposing risks of injury to people or unnecessary damage to property
  • The problem is accessible using the Engineers’ hand digging tools on the day and falls within the Engineers’ physical limitations (i.e. not requiring the assistance of a second Engineer/flooring contractor/builder/kitchen fitter to take out a fitted kitchen unit etc.)
  • The Engineer feels he/she is the professional person most suited to carry out the repair
  • The Engineer already has all the materials required, or can feasibly source all the materials required on the day

Our Engineers reserve the right to refuse to carry out a repair for any reason they deem valid in their professional opinion.

  1. Guarantee on Repairs

Repairs carried out by our Engineers are guaranteed for 3 months from the date the repair is carried out. The guarantee applies to pipework and fittings installed by our engineers only, not the entire pipework system the repair was carried out on.  If a repair should fail within this time scale, upon request we will arrange for one of our Engineers to return to the property to rectify the repair free of charge. If, upon returning, it is discovered that the problem is in fact unrelated to the repair previously carried out by our Engineer, the appointment will be chargeable depending on the amount of time spent on site and the extent of the works carried out to establish the source of the problem. In these cases, the payment terms are exactly the same as any other Leak Detection appointment, see Section 15.

If a repair should fail outside of this time scale, upon request we will arrange for one of our Engineers to return to the property to repeat the Leak Detection investigation and/or carry out a repair at an agreed price.

  1. Secondary/Multiple Leaks

If you have multiple leaks, our Engineers will endeavour to locate and rectify (if applicable) all of them within your allocated appointment slot and within the specified quote prices. However, this is not always possible – because any secondary leaks will only be detectable after the main leak has been repaired – and we may have to provide you with a quote for another appointment. Unless our Engineers are informed about the possibility of the presence of multiple leaks, they will focus their attention on locating and rectifying the main suspect leak which you reported in your initial inquiry only.

Please be advised that carrying out a repair to a pipe, or even pressure testing a pipe that is already in poor condition may cause leaks to develop at other weak spots along the pipe run. We accept no liability for additional leaks that arise following a leak detection and/or repair and any further works required to rectify any additional leaks will be chargeable.

  1. Surface Plumbing Disclaimer

Please be advised that any surface plumbing leaks and/or faults identified during testing will need to be rectified as discovered (if not isolatable) in order to continue testing for an underground/hidden leak. Our engineers will endeavour to rectify these on the day in order to continue testing. Surface plumbing repairs which are carried out to enable testing to continue come with no guarantee. Please also be advised that pressure testing on pipework can sometimes bring to light existing plumbing faults which we cannot be held responsible for.

  1. Waste Disposal

Please be advised that our engineers do not carry commercial waste licenses and it will not be possible for them to remove any waste that results from your leak detection from the premises. The removal/disposal of such waste will need to be arranged by yourself.

  1. Securing your Appointment / Payment Terms

Valid credit or debit card details must be provided to secure an appointment. Card details are stored securely on our system and not used until payment is processed via our virtual payment terminal on the day of the booking. The same card details will be used to secure any appointments for further works that you may book with us. Card details will be automatically deleted from our system 30 days after your last appointment date.

For commercial customers and in situations where the bill payer is not going to be on site for the appointment (for example jobs booked by landlords, managing agents or on behalf of others) we may require payment up front before we can confirm your booking.

Payments for all jobs which are not paid in advance are due on the day the works are carried out at the end of the appointment by credit card, debit card or BACS. We do not accept cash or cheques. If you wish to use a different payment card to the one that was used to secure the job, you must inform our office or your engineer before the engineer contacts the office to close down the job.

Engineers will not be given authorisation to leave site until payment has been settled. Any unpaid invoices will incur a 5% compounding daily interest charge until they are settled. Please be advised that reports will not be released until payment has been received in full.

  1. Cancellation Policy & Charges

Once your appointment has been secured either with card details or an upfront payment, you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of these Ts & Cs. Starting from the time your confirmation email is sent, ADI offers a 30-minute grace period* to read the Ts & Cs, during which you may cancel your appointment free of charge.  After this time, if you have not contacted us and you proceed with the appointment, you confirm that the Terms and Conditions have been read and accepted in their entirety and the appointment will become subject to the following cancellation policy:

Should you wish to cancel an appointment, we require 1 working day/24 working hours’ notice by direct telephone call to ADI Head Office (0800 731 3843). For example, if you wish to cancel a job booked for a Monday, you must inform a member of the team in the office by 9:30am the Friday before. For swimming pool Leak Detections we require 2 working days/48 working hours’ notice. Appointments cancelled after these specified time frames will be fully chargeable at the price you were quoted for leak detection, and payment will be taken from the card that was used to secure the booking. The same applies to jobs which have to be aborted or are cancelled on the same day that they are due to take place, (for example due to lack of access to property/parking, uninformed tenants, unknown stopcock or meter location, forgotten appointments etc). If you realise at any point after the free cancellation period has passed, that you did not actually require a leak detection, we will not be able to waive or refund any charges.

*Please be advised we are unable to offer the 30-minute grace period to customers who book a job for the following working day after 5:00pm, because our office closes at 5:30pm and any cancellation requests will not be received after this time.

  1. Multiple Parties Involved in the Booking

Where bookings are made on behalf of other individuals/businesses, or involve multiple individuals/businesses (e.g. landlords, tenants, managing agents, plumbers, other contractors, letting agents, pool maintenance companies, builders etc.) it is the responsibility of the person making the booking to ensure that all other parties involved, including the billpayer, are informed of the arrangements and the requirements for the appointment on the day. We will not be held responsible for any claims by any party of being uninformed or misinformed about our services and requirements for the appointment to take place.

  1. Damage, liability and complaints

We endeavour to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our findings and reports. Information is presented as we find it, with no warranty as to accuracy, and is intended for guidance only. ADI cannot be held responsible for the way in which the customer may interpret or act upon our findings and/or report. We accept no liability for the following:

  • Costs incurred from investigations which prove there is no leak – these are fully chargeable at the price you were quoted for Leak Detection. Examples of cases like this include but are not limited to: rising damp, bad ventilation, faulty boiler, faulty water meter etc.
  • Damage to pipework, property or other services created during any essential activity required to detect, access and/or repair a leak. On some occasions, when attempting to access areas to complete testing and/or repair, including work involved in accessing/exposing leaking pipes or plumbing services, collateral damage may occur to the leaking plumbing service, or other surrounding services, fixtures and fittings. This is especially true when plumbing services are in close contact with other pipes, services, or another obstruction and/or access is limited. We accept no liability or responsibility for any damage or loss caused as a result. Any necessary additional repairs will be payable by the Customer, including labour and material costs.
  • Damage caused by any leaks which we were not able to detect.
  • Damage caused by any other parties in attempt to access or repair a leak.
  • Stopcocks/valves/points of isolation which are already deteriorating and fail to function properly following the Leak Detection.
  • Radiators not getting hot/heating systems not working properly after a Leak Detection. In a small minority of cases, there may be problems recommissioning a heating system after a Leak Detection/Repair. Properly designed and installed heating systems should be able to cope with the testing we complete on them, including being drained down and refilled. Usually the problem can be resolved by bleeding air from the system, however sometimes there may be other underlying problems due to system design, installation, blockages, sludge/oxide build up, dirty system water etc. We recommend contracting a local heating engineer to resolve any ongoing problems and we do not accept liability for any additional works required to recommission the heating system or any costs involved with this.
  • Leaks which spring up elsewhere on the pipework following pressure testing and/or carrying out a repair. When repairs are carried out to pipework which is already deteriorating/weak/corroding, it is possible for additional leaks to manifest at other weak spots along the pipe run. We will not be blamed for these additional leaks, as this is an intrinsic risk involved with repairing a leak then putting the weak pipework back under normal operating pressure.
  1. Challenging our Findings

We would like to emphasise that in situations where we do not access and repair a leak, if our Engineer indicates a leak location to you verbally or in their report, this is based on evidence picked up by our non-invasive equipment only and does not represent a definitive claim as to the location of a leak. The location of a leak can only be proven by exposing a leak, hence the ‘No find, no fee’ guarantee is only applicable if we are also accessing and repairing the leak. The location indicated should be used as starting point for exposing and further, chargeable leak detection may be required to pinpoint the location of the leak once exposing of the leak area has commenced.

  1. Recording of Telephone Conversations

All inbound and outbound telephone calls to/from our Head Office are recorded for training and monitoring purposes. Call recordings are retained for 30 days and after this they are automatically deleted and not retrievable.  We reserve the right to use telephone call recordings as evidence in the process of handling a complaint or legal claim.

  1. Head Office Opening Hours and Contact Details

Please direct any questions about our services or Terms & Conditions to our Head Office.

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 08:30am-5:30pm (excl. Bank Holidays)

Tel: 0800 731 3843

Email: [email protected]

ADI Pro Leak Ltd. is registered in England and Wales. Reg. No. 11821246 & VAT No. 318940586. Head office: ADI Pro Leak Detection, Unit 42, Basepoint Business Centre, Lincoln Road, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP12 3RL.