Underground Leak - ExposedWater leaks are caused by the poor care of water systems. Unfortunately by the time a water break or an underground water leak is detected a large volume of treated water will have already been lost. This is when the services of underground leak detection specialists are required.

If you decide to get leak detection services, it is very good to know that there are two options for underground water leak detection. These are invasive and non-invasive underground leak detection services.

We most commonly find leaks on central heating systems, internal water leaks including shower supply pipes, swimming pools water mains and more.

What is Invasive underground leak detection

This type of leak detection option involves having to break ground and disrupt water services for the detection of water leaks to take place.

How it is done

This type of leak detection is done by literally dismantling surfaces to find where the leak is happening. The plumbers do not have any special equipment to detect leaks as would other professional detectors.

Acuosic Water leak Detection In DevonThe cost of invasive leak detection services

As expected, this option would be very costly. It will be expensive in terms of repairing and hiring extra labour since a lot of drilling and digging takes place. When the drilling and the dismantling of walls to find a leak happens, repair will be needed, and this will cost extra cash on labour and building materials.

When invasive leak detection is done, water services have to be interrupted. Interruption of water services at home or in institutions will also be costly. Reason being that you will have to find other sources of water which will of course and in many cases cost you extra money. Don’t even mention the disruption of the day to day order of things. So in general, invasive leak detection option is a costly endeavour.

What is non-invasive underground leak detection

The service involves a professional leak detector, such as us here at ADI. A leak detector uses specialised acoustic equipment to be able to detect underground leak detection. The equipment used may include snake cameras, thermal imaging cameras, infrared and acoustic sensors.

Non-invasive leak detection is a very specialised service that requires fa great deal of experience and a comprehensive toolset. Our Non-invasive leak detectors undergo training on how to use the equipment and detect a possible underground water leak without having to dig you your beautiful garden, driveway or internal floors!

Underground Leak detection services The cost of non-invasive underground leak detection

This would be less expensive compared to the invasive leak detection service. With the invasive underground leak detection services, you will only be needed to hire a professional leak detector to use their equipment on your water lines. So it will be safe to say that non-invasive leak detection is less costly compared to invasive leak detection services.

Advantages of using non-invasive underground leak detection

Non-invasion leak detection services have more advantages over using tradition leak detection methods. These advantages include:

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