Swimming Pool Leak Detection Specialists

At ADI Leak Detection we understand how frustrating a swimming pool leak can be. Not only the cost of constantly topping up your pool, but the damage that can be created by the escape of water. This can add costs of constantly heating leaking water and loss of chemicals. Leaks can also cause damage to the pool foundations and nearby buildings.

ADI is proud to be able to offer one of the most comprehensive swimming pool leak detection services on the market today. In most cases, our swimming pool leak detection engineers are able to locate the precise location of your leak within a day – whether on the pool itself or the filtration system. The combination of having years of experience in non-invasive leak detection, and being PADI certified scuba divers, gives ADI the cutting edge when identifying leak locations.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Crew At Work

Using a unique combination of equipment, ranging from specialist microphones to tracing gases, our Engineers can locate leaks that have baffled your pool man for years, offering a cost effective way of solving your leak location problems. These methods work on all pools, domestic, commercial, indoor, outdoor, large and small.

ADI’s comprehensive service uses proven methods, which have been used on hundreds of pools across the UK. We help pool owners to locate leaks without incurring expensive costs of experimental exposing of buried pipework or pool structure. Not to mention the time taken and costs involved in any remedial works required from just digging.

Our Engineers are so committed to solving your pool leak problems, that you will be allocated an entire day for your appointment – no stacking of appointments here! By booking just one job per day per Engineer, we can ensure that your assigned engineer will have the time to methodically test the whole structure and in most cases will locate your leak within that first day. Making the experience the most cost effective way of finding that elusive leak.

We have a swimming pool leak calculator you can use to gauge the size of the leak in your swimming pool system.

Some of the Swimming Pool Leak Detection Equipment we bring to your property:

So that ADI Swimming Pool Leak Detection can carry out an investigation of the highest quality, we only use the highest standard of equipment. Just look at some of the things we bring on site, making ADI unrivalled in pool Leak detection:

Another benefit of hiring ADI to locate your swimming pool leak is that we also have the ability to repair or reline your swimming pool or filtration system as required to solve your problem, as well as locating it with pinpoint accuracy!

Don’t delay! Call us today on 0800 731 3843 and let us find that leak before it does any further damage to your property.