Swimming Pool Leak Detection Specialists

At ADI Leak Detection we are highly experienced in finding leaks in swimming pools & spas.

We are proud to be the longest established swimming pool leak detection company in the UK and able to offer one of the most comprehensive swimming pool leak detection services on the market today.

Our swimming pool leak detection engineers are usually, in most cases able to locate the precise leak locations within a day – whether on the pool structure or the filtration pipes.

The combination of having years of experience in non-invasive leak detection, and being PADI certified scuba divers, gives ADI the cutting edge when identifying the location of a pool leak, preventing further water loss and water damage!

How To Use The Bucket Test To Confirm If Your Pool Is Leaking

The Bucket Test can be used to determine if you have a leak in a swimming pool by following these steps:

1) Fill a regular normal bucket with pool water: Using the same pool water fill a regular bucket with water to 1-2 inches from the top of the rim. The purpose of using the same pool water is to ensure you have the same temperatures.

2) Carefully place the bucket in the pool: Position the bucket inside the pool in a way the bucket is in level with the waters in your swimming pool. The best place to place it is on the pool steps. To ensure the bucket is held in place put something heavy into the bucket.

3) Make marks of the water level: Mark the water levels inside and outside the bucket using a tape or a water resistant marker.

4) Monitor and wait for 24hrs: Ensure unnecessary disturbance of the pool for 24 hours then observe the water levels in the bucket and swimming pool. If the water level in the bucket and pool remains the same, then there is no leak in the pool, but if the water levels in the pool have dropped more than the water in the bucket, then there is cause for alarm for a possible leak in the pool.

5) Repeat the test under different conditions: Repeat the test under different conditions to establish where the leak might be. Repeat the test with the pool pump off. The following results could further help stipulate if the leak is in pipework or the pool structure.

Proud To Bee The First SPATA Approved Leak Detection Company In The UK!

Spata Approved
Pool diver testing pool structure for leaks

Our Pool Leakage Detection Equipment

Our Swimming Pool Leak Detection engineers carry out a highly detailed, systematic pool leak investigation using a complete range of specialist pool leak detection equipment:

  • Our specialist swimming pool leak detection engineers
  • Experienced and qualified PADI Scuba diver
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Electronic listening devices
  • Tracer gases and gas sniffer units
  • Extensive pressure testing units
  • Pipe tracing equipment
  • Full length endoscopic cameras
  • Dye testing kits
  • Damp meters
  • ADI’s Unique LS1 Swimming Pool Leak Locating Device


Yes, we follow Health and safety legislation and take the safety of our teams very seriously.

It is a HSE requirement that a rescue diver is present when a diver is working – therefore our specialized pool leak experts are all PADI qualified rescue divers and work in teams of two in order to keep safety at a priority. 


We believe that we provide the most advanced pool leak tracing service on the market – using a many leak detection tests to trace the source of your pool leak.

Our process usually goes like this:

  • Pressure test the filtration & filter system
  • Physically inspect pool lights, skimmers, steps and sumps for signs of leaks

Once we have isolated the leak source to with the structure of the pool or the filtration pipe work we can then start work to pinpoint the leaks location using many techniques and methods of leak detection. 

The technician on site will talk you through our details and findings, explaining the things we have found along with detailed information about the problem now and maintenance of your pool moving forwards.

Our team are allocated to your pool inspection for the entire day – they do not have to rush off to any other leaking pools.

We keep costs competitive, our prices for the day are low, especially considering the high level of service, expertise and the dedication of 2 specialist leak detectives!

Yes, we can find leaks on plumbing and heating systems, in swimming pools and also structural leaks.

  • Bathroom Leaks; Bathtubs, sinks, toilets and shower leaks all make finding bathroom leaks a job for professional leak detectors.
  • Ceiling leaks; Water leaks through your ceiling could be caused by a structural or plumbing issue.
  • Central heating system leaks; Heating pipes are usually hidden in walls and floors & found using our non destructive trace and access process. Underfloor-heating leaks are found using tracer gases, acoustics and thermal (infrared) cameras to pinpoint the leak locations.
  • Structural Leak Detection – We test all likely sources which include windows, doors, visible cracks, chimneys and balconies.We also have a specialist roof leak detection team.

We Find & Repair Swimming Pool Leaks

We find pool leaks with pinpoint accuracy and can repair your pool leaks or reline your filtration system pipes! Our aim is to provide solutions to your pool leak problem.

Call our helpful team today and experience a market leading swimming pool leak detection service, anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales!

ADI Leak Detection Office Team

Adrian Morgan

Adrain Morgan CIPHE RP RHP is the founder & Managing Director of ADI Pro Leak Ltd. Adrian is also the Head Plumbing, Heating & Leak Detection engineer at ADI Leak Detection.

Adrian CIPHE RP RHP is proud to be registered with the Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering, a Registered Plumber and a Registered Heating Professional.