Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection is the process of detecting hidden water leaks and moisture patterns using a infrared thermal imaging camera.

Benefits of thermal imaging leak detection include the ability to identify leaks hidden behind or under building materials including concrete.
We use Thermal Imaging Cameras in our processes to find leaks on heating systems, roofing, swimming pools, water mains, underfloor heating systems, plumbing pipes and structural leaks.
Thermal cameras are accurate and reliable when finding leaks but can not be used in isolation.
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Thermal Imaging Showing A Hot Water Pipe In A wall

Benefits Of Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

  • Thermal imaging cameras are able to detect moisture in flat roofs, ceilings, behind walls and under floors.
  • Thermal cameras allow large areas to be scanned quickly.
  • Thermal imaging identifies areas of heat loss or damp.
  • Thermography is a non-invasive method of detecting leaks inside buildings.

Water Leaks That Can Be Traced Using Thermal Imaging

WATCH: Thermal Imaging Being Used To Detect A Central Heating Leak

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Is Thermal Imaging Leak Detection Accurate?

Thermal imaging is an accurate leak detection method.

The Thermal imaging camera detects infrared energy. The data is processed to produce a thermal image containing temperature readings,

Our engineers utilize other types of leak detection equipment including Tracer Gas & Acoustic listening devices to confirm the location of a suspected leak.

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