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ADI Leak Detection provide leak detection services to find and repair hidden water leaks in underground water mains, underfloor & central heating systems, swimming pools, water pipes and roof leaks!

We are proud that our leakage detection services in the UK help 100’s of residential homeowners, landlords, tenants & businesses in any industry (industrial and commercial) every month, right across the UK.

Finding & Repairing your water leak with minimal disruption is our ultimate goal – aiming to carry out a leak investigation and repair, and then re test pipework, all in a single day!

Our professional leak detection engineers trace and repair many types of water leaks in properties including:

  • Water supply pipes / Water mains
  • Central heating systems
  • Underfloor heating systems
  • Hot / Cold feed pipes
  • Swimming pools & filtration systems
  • Pitched and flat roofs
  • Leaking Drains, Toilets, Bath & Showers

Why Choose Us To Find Your Leak?

  • The Original Leak Detection Service
  • Time Served Plumbing & Heating Engineers
  • Comprehensive Inspection Reports For Your Insurance
  • No Damage To Your Property
  • Highly Experienced Leak Detection Specialists
  • Cost Effective Leak Detection & Repair Service

We Aim To Find & Repair Your
Leak On The Same Day!

Our Specialist Water Leak Detection Services

Central Heating

Tracer Gas

A Central heating leak may have a few symptoms including your boiler losing pressure or having to continually top up your central heating system.

If you think have a heating system leak then our leak detection engineers are ready to help…

Water Mains

Water Mains Leak Detection Services

Underground Water Leaks are one of the primary causes of high water bills.

Our underground water leak detection specialists are experts at detecting leaks on water mains, irrigation/sprinkler systems and any type of underground pipework.

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Leak detection Specialists

A swimming pool leak can be worrying, especially if you are unsure of the source of the leak.

As a leak detection company, our PADI qualified divers are fully equipped to find leaks in swimming pools and on the filtration system installation.

Roof Leaks


Our fully equipped roof investigation team able use our specialist equipment to trace water ingress problem areas & find leaks.

We utilize tracer gases and thermal imaging drone technology to detect leaks along with other forms of leak detection technology.

Trace & Access

Moisture Meter For Trace And Access Investigation

Trace and access is a section on some home insurance polices which covers the cost of a non destructive leak detection investigation.

Our trace and access leak detection service includes a written report and photographic evidence for your insurance claim.

Underfloor Heating

A leaky underfloor heating system can be very worrying and cause stress.

There can be hundreds of meters of underfloor heating plumbing pipes under your concrete floor and any number of water leaks on the pipes.

Call us at the first sign of leaky pipes..

Commercial Leaks

Commercial leak tracing experts

Water leaks in commercial properties require prompt action. We take pride in offering a quick response to commercial water leaks with minimal disruption.

A commercial heating leak, water main leak or any other leak can be disruptive to your business.

Our leak detection specialists are ready to assist in any area of England, Scotland & Wales…

Some of the water damage problems your hidden water leak could lead to include:

  • Water leaking in your property means your water bill is rising faster than you would like – leading to a shockingly high water bill unless the leakage is repaired quickly. Money wasted on water leaks quickly stacks up!
  • Central heating leaks could leave you and your family with a broken central heating system – fixing the leak can avoid the need for replacement!
  • A Central heating system that is being refilled constantly because a boiler is losing pressure can become more troublesome.
  • Water loss from water main supply pipes can cause subsidence of land including footpaths, driveways, gardens – or your house, along with a very high water bill! A fast spinning water meter and / or low water pressure can be signs of a water mains leak.
  • Internal leaks from water pipes, your water heater, tanks, underfloor heating & central heating systems cause an untold amount of water damage to your home!
  • Your family and yourself become at risk of a multitude of health issues affected by damp and mould including asthma.
  • Even a small leak from the drainage system of your toilet can spread foul wastewater into cavities of your home, creating a horrible smell and allowing harmful bacteria to grow.
  • Your property becomes a comfortable home for many insects, bugs & mites who thrive in damp & dark conditions – under your floors, behind tiles, under your bathtub, or leaking shower and even in your walls.

Our Equipment For Detecting Leaks

Once your fully equipped water leak detection specialist has arrived at your property he will utilize multiple types of water leak detection equipment to carry out a range of surveys to locate your leak.

Our unique leak detection process has been adapted with many years of experience to locate internal and external leaks with accuracy, specifically pinpointing the exact location of your water leak in many cases.

A traditional plumber would use “gut instinct” and old fashioned tools when finding leaks, then start removing your floor, plasterboard walls & even part of your ceiling in order to try to locate the pipe & fix your leak.

Our leak detection experts accurately locate your water leak, using non destructive leak detection technology.

Water Leak Detection Equipment - Smart Engineer Solutions

  • Tracer Gas
  • Thermal Imaging Infrared Cameras
  • Acoustic Listening Sticks
  • Pressure Testing
  • Damp Meters
  • Years Of Experience!

Your Home Insurance Could Cover The Cost Of Tracing Your Leak With Our Insurance Approved Report…

Trace & Access Insurance Cover could cover the costs of our Leak Detection Service. Escape of water insurance cover usually covers the cost of repairing water damage to you property caused by a water leak.

We understand that you are probably concerned about the cost of leak detection and repairing your leak.

Most customers are unaware that the finding your leak and exposing it is normally covered by your home insurance policy – with most home insurance companies you’ll only need to cover the small costs of any plumbing services & repairs after your insurer has settled your claim.

The section that applies is usually named “Trace & Access” by insurance companies – if you have this on your policy then in most cases your home insurance company should reimburse our fees for our services, via your insurance claim. We provide a full and comprehensive report, complete with pricing for your use in any insurance claims.

Read Our Specialist Leak Detector Services Reviews

Once our water leak detection specialists has identified leaks in schools, hotels, factories, offices, nursing homes, sports complex’s, leisure centres and have even found water main leaks in remote fields – we have helped thousands of clients with water leaks!

Our clients include David Lloyd Leisure Centre’s, the Guinness Trust Housing Association and The National Trust.

Isn’t it time that you called in the most trusted, no find, no fee leak detection company to locate and repair your water leak?

Prevent any more damage to your property by speaking to one of our knowledgeable, helpful & friendly customer service people free of charge on 0800 731 3843 for more information and a no obligation quote today.

P.s Our leak finders can find the simplest of leaks to the toughest of hidden leaks so if you have a simple bathroom leak to a suspected leak under concrete then you can be sure that “We Can Find & Repair Your Leak”!

Our all in one detect & repair service saves you hundreds or even thousands of pounds compared to traditional methods of leak detection & repair, we can usually carry out a repair on the same day! Many other leak detection companies are unable to provide a repair service.

Availability for our next day service can be extremely limited, don’t miss out on the excellent service provided by our leak detection specialists! – 0800 731 3843

ADI Leak detection Pickup Truck Outside Commercial Water Leak detection Job
underground water leak detection


Tracing a water leak can take hours to complete for many tradespeople, even with the specialist leak detection equipment carried by our engineers.

All leak detection jobs carried out by ADI are priced on a fixed daily rate, including the engineer, their equipment and expertise.

Call ADI The UK’s leak detection specialist today for a free no-obligation quotation.

The leak tracing process can take a few hours to a full day. The engineer will approach your project in the most methodical manner – ensuring the highest chance of tracing the leak.

We allow the full day for your engineer at your property, only ever allocating one job per day, per engineer.

The main differences between a leak detection company and a local plumber are expertise and equipment. Anyone can follow a pipe by digging or damaging walls to follow a pipe and find a leak – we specialise in pinpointing water leaks using non destructive methods.

Many local plumbers recommend our leak detection services to clients when they can’t find the leak.

Our engineers, with thier advanced leak detection equipment can detect leaks under pretty much everything – soil, concrete, flooring, tiling, walls, even in swimming pools.

We also love a challenge and finding the solution – simply put, if you need to find the source of any leak, ADI Leak Detection is the company you have been looking for! ​

Yes, our services are available nationwide including in London.