Correlation Leak Detection

Correlation Leak Detection is a technique to find leaks in pressurised water pipes with pinpoint accuracy. A leaking pipe creates a sound which travels along the pipe wall material.

A Leak Noise Correlator works by attaching two sensors on the pipe.

The sensors emit and record a sound via radio to a separate processing unit. The correlator then calculates the location of the leak using a mathematical algorythm.

The calculation is composed of:

  • Signal Delay
  • Sensor Distance
  • Sound Velocity
The calculation tells the operative how far along the pipe the leak is from each sensor.
Leak Correlation

What Type Of Leaks Can Be Located Using Leak Correlation?

Leak Noise Correlators are highly technical pieces of equipment that can be used to locate water leaks over long distances.

Our engineers use Leak correlation devices to detect leaks on water mains and large irrigation systems.

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The longer any leak is left unattended, the greater the risk of significant damage to your property. 

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Adrian Morgan

Adrian Morgan CIPHE RP RHP is the founder & Managing Director of ADI Pro Leak Ltd. Adrian is also the Head Plumbing, Heating & Leak Detection engineer at ADI Leak Detection.

Adrian CIPHE RP RHP is proud to be registered with the Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering, a Registered Plumber and a Registered Heating Professional.