What Is A Leak Noise Correlator?

A Leak Noise Correlator is a device used for tracing water leaks over long distances of pipelines. The electronic device is used with a minimum of 2 microphones which are attached to the pipeline.

The Leak Noise Correlator has various input requirements including the material type of the pipeline. Sound travels at different speeds through different materials so it is essential the Leak Noise Correlator knows the correct material type.

The Correlator carries out advanced mathematical calculations to calculate the distance from each microphone to the leak location.

Leak Correlation

How Does a Leak Noise Correlator Work?

A Leak Noise Correlator works by attaching a minimum of two, but more, if required, sensors in contact with the pipe where the leak is suspected to be coming from. The sensors are placed on either side of the suspected leak.

Once the sensors have been attached, they emit and record a sound via radio to a separate processing unit. Using highly complex mathematical formulas, the processing unit is then able to identify the precise location of certain pre-ordained sound profiles, such as a hissing leak sound.

This is achieved in much the same way that a police speed gun identifies the speed at which a vehicle is traveling. The processing unit takes the sound information that it receives from both sensors.

It then correlates that information by measuring the difference in the time it takes to travel on the pipe from the location of the leak to each sensor. 

The main benefit of this technique and one of the reasons why ADI Leak Detection invests significant sums of money into purchasing a leak noise correlator device for all of their engineers is that the results delivered by this piece of equipment are incredibly accurate. Furthermore and yet just as importantly, identifying the source of the leak is often the most frustrating and challenging aspect for a homeowner.

After all, once the leak has been found, any good plumber will be able to fix it quickly and easily; the biggest challenge is finding the leak in the first place.

Can Anyone Use a Leak Noise Correlator?

ADI leak detection services van fully loaded with all leak detection equipment including correlators

No, Leak Noise Correlators are highly technical pieces of equipment that require fully qualified and trained technicians to operate them properly. The reality is that employing a professional leak detection company such as ADI is going to save you considerably more time, money and stress than ignoring a hidden leak in the hope that things will improve. In fact, in many cases, the cost of using a specialist leak detection company, such as ADI, is likely to be covered by your home insurance. 

Leak Noise Correlators Are Now Frequently Being Fitting Into Water Systems, and Meters

The problem with many water leaks is that contrary to popular opinion, it is quite possible for a small leak to run undetected for months, and while the volume of water involved might not necessarily be large, the amount of damage that water can cause can be huge. Some water companies are installing leak noise correlators into their water systems to act as an early warning device.

This is also the case for certain water metres because for the large water companies, it is imperative that they do everything in their power to minimise leaks in their systems. 

Are There Any Problems that Leak Noise Correlators Face Moving Forward?

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and currently, one of the issues, which in theory is likely to get worse unless a solution is found, is that leak noise correlators do not perform as well on plastic pipework as they do on traditional metal pipework. Modern plumbing continues to switch from metal to plastic, meaning that, if anything, this problem will only increase over time.

However, research is beginning to find ways to tweaking the technology to make plastic pipe leak detection with a leak noise correlator as effective as it currently is with metal or copper pipework.

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