Leak Detection Equipment

Advanced, non destructive leak detection equipment is used to locate hidden water leaks without causing damage to your property.

Here at ADI Leak Detection we continue to invest in the latest technology to ensure we are able to find as many leaks as physically possible. 

Our in house research and development department develop and test new methods of water leak detection to keep us as market leaders in the domestic and commercial leak detection industry throughout the UK. 

Our leak detection services are available throughout England, Scotland & Wales.

Have you ever wondered what equipment is used for water leak detection? Let us explain…

Range of equipment for detecting hidden water leaks

What technology do we use to find water leaks?

Tracer Gas Leak Testing

Tracer Gas Leak Testing An External Water Main

Tracer Gas Leak Detection is carried out using mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen gases.

The suspected leaking pipework is filled with Hydrogen / Nitrogen tracer gas which will escape at the point of the leak.

Our engineers then pinpoint the leak location using a Hydrogen sensor as the gases rise to the surface!

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Leak Detection With A Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal Imaging Cameras are used to detect heat differences in building materials.

 Thermal imaging is helpful for tracing leaks inside a wall or on central heating pipes buried in a floor, tracing the route of most hot or cold pipeline by thermal scanning through virtually any surface.

Acoustic Leak Detector

Listening For A Water Main Leak Using An Acoustic Ground Microphone

Acoustic Leak Detectors (similar to ultra sonic devices often known as a listening stick) are used to listen for the exact leak locations of internal and external leaks, hearing leaks up to 2.5 meters below the surface.

Pinpointing the exact location of your leak without the need for excavation of your floor, driveway, garden, field or land

Damp / Moisture Meters

Using A Moisture Meter In A Damp Area To Trace A Water Leak

Moisture meters can be used to detect leaks in walls, ceilings, and other materials. 

The damp meter is placed on the surface, the meter readings will indicate whether moisture is present.

Moisture meters are an efficient method to detect mold in walls and other materials, as the readings will indicate whether the area is excessively moist.


Leak Noise Correlators

Leak Noise Correlator Ready For Use

Leak Noise Correlators are used to pinpoint a leak location on an underground water mains pipeline.

Leak Correlators are a water pipe leak detection device used to detect leaks across large external areas such as yards, farms, fields, driveways, private roads, airports, industrial and commercial car parks.

Digital Borescope Cameras

Borescope Used In Our trace & Access process

Borescope cameras are efficient in the process of leak detection. 

Sometimes, referred to as endoscope cameras, Borescope’s are an excellent tool for quickly and accurately confirming the location of water leaks in hard-to-reach areas.

Endoscope cameras are inserted into tight spaces such as under sinks and behind walls, allowing plumbers to identify the source of a leak without the need for invasive and expensive repairs.

Fluorescent Dye

Fluorescent Dye Used In water leak Detection

Our leak detection specialists use Fluorescent dye, sometimes referred to as water leak detection fluid.

Fluorescent dye is used to identify leaks in swimming pools, bathrooms and showers.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar is used by our underground leak specialists for locating water pipes and other utilities.

More commonly used by our water mains replacement teams.

Ferret Leak Detector

The Ferret leak detector is a specialist tool which is used to detect leaks on pipelines. Normally used for finding leaks on water mains but can also be used for finding leaks on hot / cold feed pipes.

Thermal Imaging Drones

Thermal imaging drones are used to inspect elements of a roof prone to water ingress during roof leak investigations.

Electronic Roof Leak Detector

Electronic roof leak detectors are used to detect water ingress points on flat roofs.

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Ultrasonic leak detectors are used to detect leaks in pressurised systems such as central heating systems.

Leak Pressure Testing

Leak Pressure Testing is the base point for any water pipe leak tester. Pressure loss is a vital symptom of a water leak.

If You’ve Got A leak, Let’s Get It!

Our water leak detection specialists are able to detect most hidden leaks using our range of non-invasive leak detection equipment.

ADI leak detection provide a nationwide leak detection service.

Call our friendly office team on 0800 731 3843 for assistance and a fixed price quote to find your leak.

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