Shower Leak Detection

Shower leak detection is provided by ADI Leak Detection. We specialise in identifying and repairing shower leaks using advanced, non-destructive techniques.

Since 2011, our CIPHE, Watersafe, and WIAPS accredited plumbing company has been pinpointing the source of shower leaks, ensuring minimal disruption.

Whether it’s a leaky shower head, faulty tiles, or a hidden pipe issue, our expert team is equipped with moisture metres, thermal imaging cameras, acoustic listening devices, and more to detect the leak efficiently.

Signs You Have A Shower Leak

Identifying a shower leak early can prevent extensive water damage to your home. Here are the signs that might indicate a shower leak:

Visible Mould or Mildew

Persistent mould or mildew, especially where the shower meets the floor, wall or ceiling often indicates excessive moisture from a leak.


Stains on Ceilings or Walls

Discoloration or stains on the ceilings below bathrooms or on adjacent walls can signal a leak from the shower.

Damaged Flooring

Warped or loose tiles, peeling flooring, or spongy feeling bathroom floor are signs of water damage possibly due to a shower leak.

Musty Odours

A persistent musty smell in or around the bathroom can be caused by lingering moisture from a hidden water leak.

Excessive Water Bills

An unexplained increase in water bills might indicate a leak, including one from the shower.
Recognizing these signs is the first step in finding a potential shower leak. If you notice one or more of these leak symptoms then you need to investigate further.

Check for Shower Leaks In The Most Common Places

Shower leaks can occur in several different areas of the shower. Knowing where to look can help you identify the source of the leak more quickly.

Here are the most common places to check for shower leaks:

Shower Head

A leaky shower head can drip continuously, causing water loss and a higher water bill. Check for loose connections or worn-out seals.


Shower Tray

Inspect the shower tray or base for cracks or gaps where water can escape. Pay special attention to the silicone seal between the tray and the walls.

Mixer Valve

Faulty mixer valves can lead to leaks behind the wall, often going unnoticed until visible damage appears. Listen for dripping or hissing sounds when the shower is off.

Water Supply Leak

The pipes supplying water to the shower can leak, especially at joints or due to corrosion. These leaks might be hidden inside walls or floors.

Grout Issues

Over time, grout between tiles can deteriorate, allowing water to seep through. Check for missing, cracked, or loose grout.

Waste Pipes

The pipes carrying water away from the shower can also be a source of leaks. Look for signs of water damage or mold growth on the ceiling below the shower.

By systematically checking these common leak locations, you can often identify the source of the problem yourself.

Leaks hidden behind walls or under floors are highly likely to require professional detection methods to accurately locate. However, you can carry out these leak tests in an attempt to locate the leak.

DIY Shower Leak Tests

These DIY shower leak tests will help to identify the source of your leak. These tests are simple and can often be done with items you already have at home.

Here’s how you can test for shower leaks:

The Splash Leak Test

Close the shower door or curtain, and splash water all around the door and frame.

Check the outside for any water escaping. This can indicate a seal or silicone sealant issue.


The Fixture Leak Test

Dry the area around the shower head and taps.

Turn on the water and observe if any water leaks from around the fixtures.


The Tile Leak Test

Inspect the tiles and grout for any cracks or missing pieces.

Gently press on the tiles to see if any feel loose or hollow, indicating water damage behind them.


The Drain Leak Test

Fill the shower base slightly with water and mark the water level.

After an hour, check if the water level has dropped, indicating a potential drain leak.


The Floor Leak Test

Look for signs of water damage or warping on the floors outside and around the shower area.

Pay attention to any soft spots or discoloration on the flooring.

Performing these tests can help narrow down the potential source of a shower leak.

If you find evidence of a leak or if the tests are inconclusive you will need a leak detection specialist. At ADI Leak Detection we provide thorough shower leak investigations using advanced, non-destructive leak detection techniques to accurately locate leaks.

Our Shower Leak Detection Methods

Leak Detection Dyes

Fluorescent dyes are introduced into the shower area. The dye helps our engineers trace the path of leaking water.


Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras detect temperature differences in walls and floors. Cooler areas may indicate the presence of moisture from a leak.

Thermal imaging is particularly effective for identifying leaks hidden behind tiles or under shower trays.


Damp Meters

Damp meters measure the moisture content in materials including tiles, grout, and adjacent walls.

Elevated moisture levels can indicate the presence and general area of a leak.


Borescope Cameras

Small, flexible cameras can be inserted into walls or other tight spaces to visually inspect for leaks and water damage.

This method allows for a close-up view of areas that are typically hidden from sight, such as under shower trays.


Pressure Testing

Pressure testing involves isolating sections of plumbing, applying tracer gases under pressure and monitoring for drops in pressure.

A decrease in pressure indicates a leak in the tested section of pipework. This method is particularly useful for pinpointing leaks in water supply pipes the shower.


Acoustic Listening Devices

Highly sensitive acoustic microphones are used to detect the sound of water escaping from pipes or fittings.

Technicians can pinpoint the location of a leak by listening for the highest concentration of noise.

Each of these methods has its own advantages and can be used alone or in combination to provide a comprehensive assessment of potential shower leaks.

ADI Leak Detection can accurately locate the source of the leak without causing unnecessary damage to your property.

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