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Our unique leak detection service can save you time and money as our qualified engineers can pinpoint any leak without disrupting your property or its surroundings. Furthermore, we respond quickly because we understand that when it comes to finding a water leak every minute wasted could result in potentially catastrophic damage. We have fully qualified engineers located all across the country, so regardless of where you live, we can normally get to your property within 48 hours.


Our leading high tech leak detection equipment can detect and locate leaks precisely. As a company we have a policy of constantly and consistently investing in the latest equipment to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of this industry. Our staff regularly attend trade shows, and we follow leak detection news stories from across the world, which ultimately benefits our customers.



ADI is a national company, with a local feel. We have a network of qualified engineers with many years of experience, spread all over the country. This means that wherever you live, there is an experienced ADI leak detection engineer close to you. In the vast majority of cases we can normally respond to your cry for help within 48 hours, and occasionally within the same day.



Welcome to ADI Leak Detection

ADI Leak Detection are committed to delivering the best customer service experience to our clients. This has been the foundation of our success, and is one of the reasons why we receive to many positive testimonials from delighted customers. Whatever your leak issue, however challenging the problem might be, the ADI team of engineers have a 90 percent success rate at finding and repairing the issue on the day they attend.

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Water Mains

A water mains leak can be a very costly leak, first indicated by a sharp rise in your water bill.

Many homeowners are unaware that if the leak on a water main is inside the boundary of your land then you are responsible for the cost of finding and repairing the water mains leak.

You may be thinking there can not possibly be a underground water leak because there is no water coming to the surface. In many cases this is the problem, water escapes from the mains water pipe and drains into the ground.

Here at ADI Leak Detection we are specialists in tracing the exact location of a water mains leak, aiming to find and repair your leak on a single day.

Central Heating Circuits

Central Heating Systems can have “Micro leaks” which are tiny, invisible water leaks.

The water that does escape the central heating circuit evaporates leaving no evidence of a water leak, this is because the water is leaking in such a small volume.

A continual micro leak will eventually cause your broiler to cut out because of low boiler pressure.

Here at ADI Leak Detection we have the specialist equipment to locate the smallest of traceable leaks. If your boiler is losing all its pressure in less than 24 hours then your leak will be large enough to trace using our equipment and market leading expertise.

Cold Pipes

A leak on a cold water pipe can range from a tiny drip which can go undetected for months or even years, through to an emergency water leak situation where you have water pouring through the ceiling or flooding your property!

Here at ADI Leak Detection we specialise in non-invasive leak detection services, aiming to find and repair your cold water leak on the same day.

Using a range of thermal imaging equipment, acoustic listening devices and other advanced equipment along with our years of expertise we provide a water leak detection service which is second to none.

Heating Pipes

Tracing a leak on heating pipework was once a straightforward task that any local plumber could carryout - for the most part heating pipework was visible on the walls, making any leak very obvious.

Homes are now designed and built to be much more aesthetically pleasing, meaning that central heating pipework is now hidden under floorboards or screen, or inside walls and ceilings - making heating pipe leaks much more troublesome to find leaks on.

Because of our Non Invasive Leak Detection Methods we are able to locate your hidden water leaks, with pinpoint accuracy - keeping the remedial costs to a minimum.

Filtration Systems

Do you keep getting air in your filtration system?

A common symptom of a leak on your filtration system is the system pulling in air. There are many components to a filtration system which can cause this problem to occur including the skimmer, returns, vacuum or the sump along with all associated pipework on your swimming pool filtration system.

The potential for damage to your filtration system and even the pool structure itself can be significant if left leaking for a prolonged period of time. Call ADI Leak Detection today on 0800 731 3843 for a professional service.

Swimming Pools

Is your swimming pool water level dropping?

We are proud to provide a market leading swimming pool leak detection service. Our pool leak detection team are PADI certified scuba divers - allowing us to safely use advanced pool leak detection technology and methods to find your leak.

In most cases our expert team are able to pinpoint the exact location of your swimming pool in a single working day, no matter if the leak is in the pool itself or on the filtration system.

We Aim To Find & Repair Your Leak On The Same Day…

Why Choose ADI, The Original Water Leak Detection Company?

  • The Original Leak Detection Service
  • Time Served Plumbing & Heating Engineers
  • Comprehensive Reports For Your Insurance
  • No Damage To Your Property
  • Cost Effective Leak Detection & Repair Service

Call Our Friendly Team Now On 0800 731 3843 & See How We Can Help You!

You are probably just like one of the hundreds of customers we help in leak detection services each and every month whose properties are suffering from one or many hidden water leaks.

Our water leak detection services in the UK help many domestic homeowners, landlords, tenants & businesses in all sectors (industrial and commercial) every single day.

So no matter what your situation or your location in the UK, you can be sure that we can help you with specialist leak detection. We can trace and repair water mains leaks, central heating system leaks, under floor heating leaks, underground leaks, hot feed leaks, cold feed leaks, ground source heat pump leaks, leaks on all water pipes, swimming pool leaks and even carry out large scale commercial leak detection projects.

Water leaks & the water damage that is caused can lead to more serious cosmetic or & structural problems and also with the obvious health risks associated with living or working in a damp property.

Some of the potential problems your hidden water leak could lead to include:

  • Water leaking in your property means your water bill is rising faster than you would like – hurting your bank balance
  • Central heating leaks could leave you and your family with no heating – in the dead of winter
  • Central heating systems that are being refilled constantly suffer from oxidization – rusting your radiators & pipes from the inside out!
  • Water mains supply leaks can quickly cause subsidence of land including footpaths, driveways, gardens – or your house!
  • Internal leaks from water pipes, tanks, underfloor heating & central heating systems cause an untold amount of water damage to the walls and floors of your home – costing hundreds to rectify!
  • You family and yourself become at risk of a multitude of health problems affected by damp including asthma – children and the elderly are most at risk.
  • Your property becomes a comfortable home for many insects, bugs & mites who thrive in damp & dark conditions – under your floors and in your walls.

What may seem like a small problem, a simple leak can rapidly become a huge problem with extremely costly consequences unless you choose a leading leak detection company.

Here at ADI, we are the UK’s Original Leak Detection Company our priority is on locating & repairing your water leak as soon as possible in the most cost effective manner for you – saving your property from any further water damage!

It all starts with a simple call to us as soon as you on 0800 731 3843 are aware of your leak – Call now & speak to one of our helpful Leak Detection Experts who will guide you through our process of detecting leaks and how we can help you.

Water Leak Detection Services

Proud To Be Market Leaders In Internal & External Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection Services For:

  • Central Heating Leak Detection
  • Underfloor Heating Leak Detection
  • Water Pipe Leak Detection
  • Swimming Pool Leak Detection
  • Filtration System Leak Detection
  • Spa Leak Detection

We Find Leaking Pipes Under:

  • All Types Of Internal Flooring
  • All External Hard Surfaces
  • Concrete & Tarmac
  • Fields & Open Spaces
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • & Even Under Buildings!

Call Our Friendly Leak Detection Experts On 0800 731 3843 And Discover How We Can Solve Your Water Leak!

Central Heating Leak Detection

Our Plumbing & Heating Engineers Are The True Experts!

Boiler Loosing Pressure? 

If your boiler is loosing pressure then you have a leak, most likely hidden & needs detecting & repairing.

Our Leak Detection specialists are all qualified plumbing and heating engineers with years of experience in locating leaks that others are unable to find!

Using their years of experience, in conjunction with our specialist

technology we find hundreds of hidden water leaks every year!

Heating Not Working?

Has your heating suddenly stopped working?

Check your boiler pressure. If the gauge is very low (under 1 bar) then the chances are that is why your heating is broken.

It is highly likely that your heating system is loosing pressure because of a water leak.

We are the UK’s central heating leak detection experts – Let us find your heating leaks!

Call Our Friendly Team On 0800 731 3843 And Discover How Our Leak Detection Experts Can Solve Your Central Heating Problem

Water Mains Leak Detection

Water Mains Leak Detection Specialist

Does Your Water Meter Keep Spinning?

If no water is being used in your property (no appliances running, taps all off etc) but your meter is still spinning then you have a leak.  As the leak is not causing visible damage above ground level then it is most likely that the leak is under you flooring on either your hot / cold feed or your water mains.  Don’t panic, simply call ADI today for friendly advice and a great leak detector service.

Water Meter - Simple Leak test

Ridiculously High Water Bills?

If you received an unexpected high water bill but your water usage has not increased then you are likely to have a water leak. 

This leak could be on your water mains or internally. 

Here at ADI Leak Detection we have the equipment and expertise to locate the exact location of the leak (internally or externally)

Water Leak - Who's Responibility

Call Our Friendly Team Now On 0800 731 3843 To Find Out How We Can Help You With Our No Find, No Fee Leak Detection Service…

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

The True Specialists In Finding Swimming Pool Leaks…

Is Your Swimming Pool Leaking?

If you answered yes then the chances are you have a leak in your swimming pool.

Here at ADI we have a dedicated Swimming Pool Leak detection team who carry a bespoke range of testing equipment to precisely pinpoint the location of your leak in your pool structure or pipework.

Our expertise in finding swimming pool leaks is unrivalled..

We have developed a swimming pool leak calculator for your use.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Equipment

Is Your Filtration System Pulling In Air?

If your filtration system is pulling in air then it is leaking water somewhere in the system.

The leak could be in any number of locations, many of which are under ground around your pool area.

Potential leak locations include the skimmer, returns, vacuum or the sump along with all associated pipework.

Stop worrying about your leak, simply call ADI Leak Detection today…

Swimming Pool Lek Detection Specialists

Call Our Friendly Team On 0800 731 3843 And Discover How We Can Solve Your Swimming Pool Leak With Our Specialist Pool Leak Detection Service

When you first call ADI Leak Detection you will be greeted by our knowledgeable, helpful & friendly team who will do everything possible to help you, providing you with free telephone advice to help you prevent any further damage to your heating system or property – potentially saving you thousands of pounds

When you call us today and book our services you will be amazed by the value in our service, our prices and with our leak locators “Jedi Skills” (A customers own words in a testimonial) – These Jedi Skills are included as part of our leak find & repair service.

Your property will be attended by one of our highly skilled, professional plumbing, heating engineers who’s workmanship is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Each ADI Leak Detection engineer is a fully qualified plumber or a Gas Safe (previously known as Corgi) registered gas engineer & the company is CIPHE registered. This means that you can call us knowing that you’ll be dealing with registered, reliable professionals who have the credentials to prove it.

Call Our Friendly Team Now On 0800 731 3843 To Find Out How Our Leak Detector Service Can Help You…


Water Leak Detection Equipment - Smart Engineer SolutionsOnce our engineer has arrived at your property he will utilize up to 4 methods of water leak detector technology in order to locate the vicinity of the leak source and then specifically pinpoint the exact location of your water leak.

A traditional plumber would use “gut instinct” on the source of your leak, then start removing flooring, plasterboard walls & ceilings and even start cutting into brickwork or digging up your driveway in order to locate your leak.

Our leak detectors accurately pinpoint the exact location of your leak without causing any damage to your property!

Here are the four methods of advanced leak detection equipment we use to locate 99% of water leaks in just a few hours:

Market Leading Thermal Imaging Devices are used by our engineers to view any damp or warm patches of your walls and floor to identify the leak source, tracing the route of hot and cold pipes by thermal scanning through virtually any surface – Quickly finding the source of your leak

Specialist Acoustic devices (similar to ultra sonic devices) are used to listen for the exact leak locations of internal and external leaks, hearing leaks up to 2.5 meters below the surface. – Pinpointing the exact location of your leak without the need for excavation of your floor, driveway, garden, field or land

A Safe mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen are forced into your pipework at safe working pressures. These gases locate the smallest of water leak because the molecules are smaller and lighter than the molecules of water, these are often confused with helium.

Our gas sniffers then pinpoint the leak location!

Correlators are used to pinpoint leak locations on underground water mains of up to 600 meters in length using electronic pulses. These are used to detect leaks across large external areas such as yards, farms, fields, driveways, private roads, airports, industrial and commercial car parks – Rapidly speeding up the pinpointing of water supply mains leaks.

Your Home Insurance Could Cover The Cost…

With Trace & Access Your Leak Detection Could Be

We understand that you are probably concerned about the cost of leak detection and repairing your leak.

Most customers are unaware that the finding your leak and exposing it is normally covered by your home insurance policy – normally you’ll only need to cover the small cost of any repair after your insurance claims are settled.

The section that applies is usually named “Trace & Access” or similar – if you have this on your policy then your home insurance company should reimburse the costs of our services to you. We provide a full and comprehensive report for your use in any insurance claims.

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Benefits Of Choosing Our Leak Detection Service To Find Your Leak?

No-Find No Fee (Terms Apply)

Experienced Plumbing & Heating Engineers – Giving The Most Probability Of Finding & Repairing Your Leak On The Same Day

Comprehensive Reports For Insurance Claims

We Accurately Trace The Source Of Your Leak Without Causing Damage To Your Property

We Believe That We Provide The Most Cost Effective Leak Detection & Repair Service

Call Us Today On 0800 731 3843

What Others Have To Say About Our Specialist Leak Detector Services

Commercial Water Leak Detection London - Find The Source Of Damp & LeaksOur water leak detector teams have found leaks in schools, hotels, factories, offices, nursing homes, sports complex’s, leisure centres and have even found water main leaks in remote fields!

Our clients include David Lloyd Leisure Centre’s, the Guinness Trust Housing Association and The National Trust.

Isn’t it time that you called in the UK’s most trusted, no find, no fee leak detection company to locate and repair your leak?

Prevent any more water damage to your property by speaking to one of our knowledgeable, helpful & friendly team free of charge on 0800 731 3843 for advice and a no obligation quotation today.

underground water leak detection - pipeline leak tracing sensors P.s Our leak finders can find the simplest of leaks to the toughest of hidden leaks so if you have a simple bathroom leak to a suspected leak under concrete then you can be sure that we will “We WILL Find & Repair Your Leak” using our customer entitled “Jedi Skills”!

Our all in one detect & repair service saves you hundreds or even thousands of pounds compared to traditional methods of detection & repair!

Demand for our services can be extremely high, don’t miss out on the experience of witnessing our water leak detection Jedi’s in action! – 0800 731 3843

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