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Water mains leaks normally are normally external under your driveway, pathways or gardens.

The water main brings water into your house from the mains out on the street and the water main on you property is your responsibility to maintain, repair and replace as required. If the water leak is over your boundary then you will need to find and repair the leak. 

Water mains leaks can also occur inside a property before teh stopcock – which is usually located internally on an external wall of a property, but could be positioned anywhere in any location!

A water mains leak would mean a continual water leak as the main is never closed off, like a tap.

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Some of the symptoms of mains leak include;

  • Increased water bills – Increased water bills when you do not have increased usage means that you could have a water leak.
  • Flooding or surface water – If you notice flooding, there is a possibility that there is a very severe water mains leak.
  • Your water supplier informs you that you have a leak – Your water board can notice increased water usage, which could indicate a water mains leaks.
  • Water coming at low pressure – if you are experiencing low water pressure, it is possible that you have a severe mains leak on your property.
  • Water and sinkholes in your garden – If you notice water and sinkholes in your garden, there is a possibility that you have a water mains leak.
The following are less likely to be a sign of a water mains leak – but could indicate a leak elsewhere in your property:
  • Your water meter is constantly spinning – if your water meter is still spinning when you are not using water that means you have leak internally in your property.
  • Damp smell – Water can cause a damp smell. Therefore if you notice a damp smell, there is a possibility that you have a leak.
  • Condensation and mould – If you notice mould appearing in a very specific area, there is a possibility of leaking into that area.
  • Wet walls and floors – Having constant wet floors and walls can indicate a leak.
  • Using too much water softener salt
  • The water in your water tank is constantly reducing even when you are not using it.
  • Noise that resembles that of a Dripping tap or noise of flowing water
  • Continued leak through the ceiling which stops when you isolate stopcock

Water mains leak detection is a very specialist service, carried out only by specialist leak detection companies. Your average contractor does not have the tool set or skillset to trace the source of the leak without simply digging up meters and meters of your property.

There are many different leak detection methods that are non invasive, we utilize as many of them as needed in order to trace the source of your water mains leak, or leaks as the case may be!

Equipment We Use To Find Water Leaks During Your Leak Detection Service

  1. CAT & Genny – This helps to map where the water mains pipe runs under the ground.
  2. Acoustic Microphone – This is a highly sensitive microphone that is used to listen to any noise on the water mains pipe. A water leak will be creating a vibration and this equipment allows us to hear it up to 3 meters below the surface!
  3. Tracer Gases – Through gas tracing, inert tracer gas is added to the pipes under high pressure. The technicians then use a sensitive probe to know where the tracer gas is escaping at ground level.

Once our water mains leak detection team has identified the leak location, they can repair the leaking water mains.Often the repair can be carried out on the same day by the team.

If the repair is carried out on the same day we re-test the water mains for any further leaks.

Our leak detection engineers are only assigned one leak detection per day, meaning they are devoted to finding and repairing your leak on the same day if physically possible!


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