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ADI Leak Detection was the first company for specialist water leak detection company in the United Kingdom and is an acknowledged expert in water leak detection underground.

Our specialist water mains leak experts use a variety of methods to trace the leak including a highly sensitive ground microphone to listen for vibrations from a leaking water pipe.

Water mains can burst and leak at any time and have the potential to cause extensive water damage to foundations of properties.

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Water Leak We Found

What is a Water Mains Supply Pipe?

A water mains supply pipe is the specific pipe which transfers your water supply from the water mains company’s pipework into your individual property. Typically the supply pipe and, with it, your responsibilities run from the boundary of your property up to the first water fitting or stop-tap inside the property.

Signs of a Watermains Leak On Your Property

Although many people think that a water leak will be obvious and easy to spot, this is not always the case, particularly if the leak is relatively minor. Here are some of the most obvious signs that you have a water leak.

High Water Bill

High water bills are often, the first sign that many people receive that alerts them to the fact that they have a water leak is when they receive their water bill. A sudden and unexpected significant rise in the amount of water a property is using is a clear sign that you have a water leak.

Check your water meter, if your water meter is spinning or spinning fast when your are not using water then you have a hidden water leak.

Discoloured Water

If the water coming out of your taps is brown or discoloured, then this is another potential sign that there is a leak in the water main supply pipe. A simple way to test this is to let the water run for a few minutes; if the colour does not clear, there is likely a leak in the pipe, which then allows the water to mix with the surrounding soil.

Low Water Pressure

Another sign that you may have a leak in your water mains supply pipe is a drop in your water pressure. Logic dictates that you have a leak in your mains water supply. In much the same way as a kink in a hosepipe manifests itself, the volume of water coming out of the taps and, indeed, the pressure will be significantly reduced.

Water Puddling On The Surface

Certain gardens are prone to puddling, particularly after heavy rainfall. However, those puddles should drain away relatively quickly. If you notice puddles which are not drying up, then this is one of the most obvious signs that you have some sort of water mains supply pipe leak.

Is The Water Board Responsible for a Mains Water Leak?

If the leak occurs outside of your property’s boundaries, then it is the responsibility of the water company; if the leak is within the boundaries of your property, then unfortunately, you will be responsible for the cost of resolving the issue.

Process For Detecting Water-main Supply Pipe Leaks

Here at ADI Leak Detection we use a range of advanced technological solutions to locate issues as part of our water leak detection services. The tools we use include, but are not limited to Tracer gases, Acoustics and Leak Correlation Devices for water service leak detection.

Equipment & Methods We Utilize To Find Mains Water Leaks

Acoustic Leak Detectors


The majority of water main supply pipes are buried deep in the ground. One of the methods for this type of problem is to use an acoustic listening device. Sound can and does travel over quite significant distances, and our acoustic listening devices can identify the source of any leak up to a distance of 2.5 metres.

Tracer Gases

One of our engineers will force a specially formulated gas made from Hydrogen and Nitrogen into the water mains supply pipe. 

The tracer gas will escape via the leak, at which point our Gas Trace devices will be able to identify the location of the leaking gas, thanks to that unique chemical combination.

Tracer gases are the same as what is used by our plumbers to trace central heating leaks.

Tracer Gases
Leak Correlation

Leak Noise Correlators

If our engineer is able to gain access to both ends of the water mains pipe, then he may choose to use a leak noise correlator.

This works by placing two or more sensors on the pipe on either side of where the leak is estimated to be.The information received is then processed using complex mathematical formulas to identify the leak’s location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, using the range of leak detection equipment at our disposal we can detect 99.9% of water mains leaks with pinpoint accuracy. We as have ground penetrating radar and pipe banging technology at our disposal for pipe tracing.

If you suspect that you have a water main break, then you want to minimise your water usage and organise a repair as soon as possible. If necessary you can turn off the water supply at the stopcock / valve located at the boundary of your property.

Many types of things can happen when there is a leakage in the water supply line.

Your water pressure can drop, your water can become brown and cloudy, the local area around the source of the leak can flood, and your water bill will increase dramatically.

It is imperative that you contact a water leak detection company as a matter of urgency to minimise the damage, doing so will save you money in the long run.

Yes, we have a specialist water mains replacement division.

Our water mains replacement team are specialists at long distance water mains installation or replacement projects – replacing water mains, utility and cabling infrastructure ducting with minimum disruption.

Yes, we provide insurance company approved reports to assist with your insurance claim.

Our engineers detail their findings to assist your claim. The leak detection report will contain all of the techniques that were used to find and access the leak.

Some insurance companies also cover the cost of repairing the water main; repair costs can get expensive, especially if the location of the repair is under a building.

Yes, we can find leaks on plumbing and heating water pipes, in swimming pools and also structural building leaks.

  • Bathroom Leaks; Bathtubs, sinks, toilets and shower leaks all make finding bathroom leaks a job for professional leak detectors.
  • Central-heating system leaks; Heating pipes are usually hidden in walls and floors & found using our non destructive trace and access process. An Under floor heating leak is found using tracer gases, acoustics and thermal (infrared) cameras to pinpoint the leak locations.
  • Structural Leak Detection – We test all likely sources which include windows, doors, visible cracks, roof leaks, chimneys and balconies. Roofing leaks are one of our specialties.

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