Section 75 Water Industry Act 1991 Notice Of A Water Leak

A Section 75 notice is issued by your water supplier under the Section 75 Water Industry Act 1991 when they have reason to believe there is a water leak on your property.

Water is a precious resource and prompt repair is crucial. Ignoring a leak on your premises can lead to water waste, potential damage and hefty fines.

The Section 75 notice is a legal document informing a property owner of a water leak; you must not ignore the letter! Only suppliers of water have the authority to issue notifications under the Water Industry Act 1991.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to locate and repair the source of the water leak if it falls within their boundary line or after the external stop valve. If a leak is not present, the issuer of the Section 75 is legally required to compensate for losses incurred while attempting to locate the leak.

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What Is A Section 75 Notice?

A Section 75 Water Industry Act 1991 notice is a legal document issued by a water supplier when they believe a water leak exists within the mains water pipe serving your property.

The notice requires property owners to take steps to repair the leak within a specified time frame – usually 7 to 14 working days.

The notice serves as a legal obligation and reminder for the property owner to address the leak promptly, preventing water waste and damage to infrastructure.

Ignoring a Section 75 notice can lead to hefty fines, as the water supplier may do the repairs themselves and recover costs from the recipient. Additionally, legal action can be taken for breaching this obligation.

Who Can Issue A Section 75 Notice?

Only authorised water suppliers have the legal power to issue a Section 75, which falls under the Water Industry Act 1991. This ensures consistent reinforcement of water leak regulations and responsible water usage.

The Section 75 notice is served to the person(s) who reside on the property; not necessarily the landlord or property owner. This means that if you’re a tenant, it’s your responsibility to have the leaks repaired.

What Do I Need To Do When I Get A Section 75?

  • If you receive a Section 75 notice, contact your water provider to clarify any concerns.
  • Arrange an appointment with leak detection specialists. These experts will conduct a full inspection of your mains water pipe to pinpoint the leak source.
    Professional leak detectors use specialised equipment to locate water leaks on properties, such as tracer gas, acoustic listening devices, and thermal imaging cameras.
  • Arrange for a qualified plumber to repair the water leak within the stipulated time frame.
  • Keep records and documentation of correspondence and repair bills for future reference, especially if NO leak was found.
  • Ignoring this legal agreement is not an option and can result in legal and financial repercussions.

What If There Is Not A Leak?

If there is no leak on your premises, the issuer of the Section 75 notice (i.e. water supplier) must pay property owners for the expenses incurred during the search.

Contact ADI For Help Locating The Source Of Your Water Leak

If you receive a Section 75 Water Industry Act 1991 notice of a water leak, contact ADI Leak Detection. We provide professional leak detection services across the UK; pinpointing and repairing leaks in both residential and commercial properties.

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