Drainage Leak Detection CCTV Surveys

Here at ADI, our drainage leak detection service engineers carry out detailed CCTV drain surveys – finding leaks and the source and location of drainage problems.

A CCTV Drainage investigation is carried out by thoroughly cleaning the drains and then carrying out a detailed high-tech drain CCTV survey. 

The drain CCTV camera heads are fully traceable from above ground – enabling us to pinpoint the exact location of any drainage problem when found, helping to recommend the best and most cost effective solution for repairing your drain.

Throughout your CCTV Survey we gather photographic and video evidence of any drain problems with the exact locations marked above ground level.

A detailed report of our findings is documented in an insurance approved format to assist with any repair works or insurance claims.

Reasons To Consider a Drain Survey

There are a number of reasons why you might need a drain survey; here are some of the symptoms that you should look out for that might help you come to a decision 

  • An unexplained blockage 
  • A suspected fractured or collapsed pipe 
  • Possible Tree Root Damage 
  • Drainage Water Backing Up 
  • Escaping air bubbles coming out of your drains 
  • Blocked Drains 
  • Toilets not flushing properly

Home Buyer Surveys

If a severe problem develops inside your drains, the cost implications can be significant. 

Yet, many people who are in the process of purchasing a property do not choose the option of having a home buyer survey completed on their drainage system. The cost of such a survey is minimal in comparison to the potential benefits. 

If you are in the process of purchasing a property, then a home buyer drainage survey is, in our opinion, essential. 

Home Buyer Drainage Survey
Blocked Drain Outside

Blocked Drains

Our surveys will quickly identify the cause of any blocked drains. 

We first of all flush the drains to enable our CCTV system to have a totally clear view of any issues which are present in your drainage system. 

Once we have located the blockage we are able to pinpoint the exact location using a cat & genny from above ground to detect the CCTV camera underground – pinpointing the location of the blockage. 


Subsidence can be caused as a result of leaking drains. 

Leaking drains partnered with sandy-type soil can, over time, cause the ground to erode, particularly when it is close to the footings of the building, which then manifests itself as subsidence. 

Drain Subsidence CCYV Survey

Our Drainage CCTV Investigation Methods

As a recognised leader in the industry, ADI Leak Detection was, the first specialist leak detection company in the United Kingdom; we have developed a range of techniques to find leaks in virtually any scenario. When it comes to drainage CCTV investigation, we use the best technology and tools available – providing the highest level of service for our customers!

Drain Leak Detection Team

Drainage Flushing

The first part of our CCTV inspection process involves flushing your drainage system to remove years of built up dirt and light debris.

Our drainage flushing equipment is perfect for cleansing the drainage pipes but not for clearing blockages.

Expert CCTV Drain Surveys

Once the pipes have been flushed clean, our technician will closely examine your pipework to look for any signs of damage or subsidence.

In many cases, when there has been a blockage, the sewage has caught on a crack or other problem within the pipes, so it makes sense when the cameras are already down there to conduct a full and complete survey of the drain or sewer. 

Drain CCTV Leak Detection

In Depth Drainage Reports & Survey Recommendations

Upon completion of any Drain survey, we provide a full and comprehensive report along with our recommendations. These reports are normally more than sufficient to exceed any expectations or requirements set by your insurance company and will contain all your insurance companies required information.


Yes, our plumbers are experts at repairing drainage pipework.

Some drainage repairs require excavating to access the pipe work and a manual repair of the broken pipe, while other damaged drains are repaired with re-lining equipment.

Relining the drains usually removes the need for excavation, making a streamlined process to fix the problem.

Yes, we can find leaks on plumbing and heating systems, in swimming pools and also structural building leaks with minimal disruption.

  • Bathroom Leaks; Bathtubs, sinks, toilets and shower leaks all make finding bathroom leaks a job for professional leak detectors.
  • A central heating leak; Heating pipes are usually hidden in walls and floors & found using our non destructive trace and access process. Under-floor heat system leaks are found using tracer gases, acoustics and thermal (infrared) cameras to pinpoint the leak locations.
  • Structural & Roof leak testing; – We test all likely sources which include windows, doors, visible cracks, roof leaks, chimneys and balconies.

Contact ADI Leak Detection For Drain CCTV Investigations Throughout England, Scotland & Wales

Our drainage engineers are strategically located around England, Scotland & Wales ensuring we can provide you with a fast response for your drainage investigation. 

Our friendly call center staff are awaiting your call and have the experience required to assist you today..

Call now and we could have a drainage engineer crying out a drainage survey at your property as soon as tomorrow! 

Customer Service Team Receiving Telephone Enquiries For Drainage Investigations

Adrian Morgan

Adrain Morgan CIPHE RP RHP is the founder & Managing Director of ADI Pro Leak Ltd. Adrian is also the Head Plumbing, Heating & Leak Detection engineer at ADI Leak Detection.

Adrian CIPHE RP RHP is proud to be registered with the Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering, a Registered Plumber and a Registered Heating Professional.