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Tracer Gas In Use On A Central Heating Leak Detection Job

Your central heating system is one of the expensive elements of your home and replacing it can be very expensive and extremely time consuming.

In our work as a national leak detection and repair company we’ve seen just how quickly a minor central heating leak can spiral out of control and require thousands of pounds to put right.

You see what most property owners don’t realize is just how complex a central heating system is – it routes through almost your entire home via your attic, floors and walls.

Depending on the age of your house your central heating system can also involve boilers, radiators or a zoned central heating control system.

That’s why it’s so important to tackle any leaks within your central heating system as soon as you notice them, or as soon as you suspect there’s one present.

The good news for property owners all over the UK is that ADI Leak Detection offer a rapid and reliable central heating leak service you can rely on; acting to detect and repair that leak now could save you tens of thousands of pounds later on.

Not only will you save money in potential damage and repair costs but you’ll also lower the cost of your central heating bill too – a leak in your central heating means the system has to work harder to produce the same amount of heat.

Why hiring ADI Leak Detection to detect and correct your central heating leak makes perfect sense:

We only use the very latest in leak detection equipment including thermal imaging cameras, acoustic leak detectors and tracer gas systems, to give us precise results every single time

The equipment we use allows us to perform our leak surveys non-invasively – your floors, carpets and driveways never need to be ripped up

Our engineers can trace most leaks to within a few centimetres of their source so we only excavate with surgical precision, which means no unnecessary backfilling or repairs to your property once we’ve finished repairing your leaking central heating system

Thermal Imaging Highlighting The Heat Of The Radiator

All of the work we do is carried out in the most cost effective way possible, so you wind up having to pay less at the end of the day

We work to minimize the disruption to your family life or to your business, you’ll barely even notice we’re there

Central heating leaks are difficult to find because they’re usually behind walls or under floors and that’s where the experience of the team here at ADI Leak Detection really comes into play – we’ve worked on more central heating systems than we’ve had hot dinners.

How Much Does Central Heating Leak Detection Cost?

Here at ADI we strive to provide a market leading service where the price include labour along with the use of our complete range of tools to locate your leak.

We only allocate one job per day to each of our specialist engineers and in most cases the cost of our service can be recouped via your home insurance. (Trace & Access)

Here’s what some of our previous customers had to say about ADI Leak Detection:

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Dont let that leak cause any further damage to your property!