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Did you know that your insurance company will pay for a water tracing survey of your home but will generally do their best to refuse to pay for water damage to your property? So even if you do have a problem with water leaks on your home or business property in Cambridgeshire your insurance company might actually refuse to pay for the water damage claim. The smart move when it comes to dealing with water leaks is to rely on the experts in this field to help you – ADI Leak Detection.

An underground water leak can leave you with problems such as:

  • Massive metered water bills – from all the thousands of gallons of water you’re wasting
  • An increased risk of property subsidence – from the underground soil erosion caused by the leak
  • Fungal spores and mildew causing serious respiratory health problems to the young and very old

There’s no need to keep looking for professional water leak detection services in Cambridgeshire because the team here at ADI can offer any home or business property owner an array of leak detection solutions. Every member of the ADI team is both highly qualified and fully insured to carry out this type of work for you:

  • Water leaks in any shower
  • Central heating underground pipe leaks
  • Swimming pool leak detection tasks

Our leak detection specialists only use non-invasive equipment in all their leak detection investigations so there’s never any need for us to drill holes to find a leak:

Thermal Imaging CamerasWater Leak Detection Cambridgeshire
When it comes to detecting water leaks inside walls or ceilings our thermal imaging equipment makes finding the heat variances that indicate a leak straightforward

Tracer Gas
We deploy our tracing gas equipment when we need to check an entire plumbing or heating system for leaks – it uses a special nitrogen-hydrogen gas mix

Acoustic Leak Detection
These leak detection sensors can find leaks that are buried up to 2.5 metres underground and to within just 50mm of the actual leak itself

Leak Correlators
When we need to perform leak detection surveys in large areas like airports and farms we deploy our computerized leak correlation service

ADI can offer you the most advanced and non-invasive leak detection service in Cambridgeshire – you get all the benefits of modern leak detection without the costs!

Here’s just another sample of an ADI Leak Detection customer review:

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