Leak Detection Specialists in Petersfield, Hampshire

Our leak detection specialists serve Petersfield to locate leaks in central heating systems, plumbing, water mains, drainage, and swimming pools along with building and roof structures.

Our 800+ 5* reviews prove that we are the leading leak detection specialist in Petersfield, Hampshire!

Petersfield Leak Detection Services

ADI Leak Detection provide non invasive leak detection services in Petersfield, Hampshire.  

ADI Leak Detection engineers use advanced non-destructive technology including tracer gas, acoustic listening devices and thermal imaging cameras to accurately find leaks.

Our qualified and experienced leak detection engineers in Petersfield detect and locate hidden plumbing leaks on central heating systems, underfloor heating, water mains & hot and cold plumbing feed pipes.

Our specialist leak detection teams also locate and detect hidden leaks on swimming pools, roof & building structure leaks in Petersfield.

Petersfield residents and businesses can trust ADI Leak Detection as an award-winning company with over 700 5* reviews on Trustpilot.

We are accredited by The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering, WIAPS & are Watersafe approved contractor.

“Trace and Access” reports are provided to assist with home insurance claims following every leak detection investigation.

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Non-Destructive Leak Detection Techniques

We specialise in using Non-destructive leak detection techniques.

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras to locate moisture in walls and floors of your property.
  • Tracer-Gas Leak Testing locates leaks using inert gas that rise through most building materials.
  • Acoustic Microphones to pinpoint the sounds of leaks through any surface.
  • Electronic Roof Leak Detectors to identify flat roof leaks.
  • Leak correlators to trace leaks on underground water pipes.
  • Drones to look for roof and structural building leaks.
  • Fluorescent dye to trace micro leaks.
  • Moisture meter to measure damp levels in floors, walls & ceilings.
  • Borescope inspection camera to look for signs of water leaks in confined spaces.
  • Pressure testing to confirm if a pipe is leaking.


Call ADI and experience our non-destructive leak detection techniques.

Our Water Leaks Detection Services In Petersfield, Hampshire!

Our Services  

Water Supply Mains Leak Detection

A higher than normal water bill, damp soil or concrete on your property is a sign of a mains water leak.

Water mains leaks are traced & repaired by our Engineers in Petersfield.

We pinpoint the location of a leaking water main between the water meter and stopcock. 


Central Heating Leak Detection

Central Heating Leak Detection Services

A boiler is losing pressure means you have a heating leak.

Central heating leak detection & underfloor heating leak detection in Petersfield is carried out by our qualified plumbing and heating engineers.


Our central heating leak detection, repair and retesting process confirms the leak repair is successful.


Cold & Hot Plumbing Pipe Leak Detection

Damp floors, mould, mildew or a high water bill indicate a hidden water leak.

ADI provide No find – No Fee Plumbing leak detection services in Petersfield for cold and hot feed pipes.

Our experienced plumbers pinpoint water leaks under concrete floors, floorboards and all types of flooring and enclosed inside internal brick or stud / cavity walls.


Bathroom Leak Detection

Bathroom Leak Detection By ADI

ADIs Petersfield plumbers carry out in-depth investigations using advanced technology including infrared thermal imaging cameras, acoustics, tracer gases, fluorescent dye, damp meters, borescope cameras and pressure testing to locate hidden bathroom water leaks.


Shower Leak Detection

Our Shower leak detection services inspect shower enclosures for failed tiles, grout or mastic along with enclosed shower pipework, mixer valves and shower heads.

Ceiling Leak Detection

Ceiling leak detection traces the source of water damage in ceilings.

Ceilings in a kitchen, bathroom, cloakroom, bedroom or any other room can be affected by water leaks from pipework or structural issues.


Swimming Pool Leak Detection

ADI’s swimming pool leak detection teams consist of PADI-qualified engineers with in-depth understanding of pool structures and components.

Our experts test structural elements including lights & steps for pool leaks.


Roof Leak Detection

Roofing Leakage Detection Specialists

Roof leaks are located using thermal imaging drone technology, tracer gas, dye testing and electronic leak testing equipment.

  • Thermal Imaging Drones carry out detailed visual roof inspections
  • Tracer gas help to locate water entry points in the roof construction
  • Florescent dye is used to trace a leak through the roofing material
  • Electronic roof leak detectors test the membrane of flat roofs.

Our roofing experts provide roof surveys to residential and commercial clients.


Structural Building Leak Detection

Our structural leak investigation processes trace the cause of damp, mould and watre ingress into building structures.

Drainage Leak Detection

Drain CCTV Surveys identify problems in drainage pipes including cracks, tree roots in drains and collapsed drainage pipes.

Irrigation System Leak Detection

Garden Sprinkler System Leak Detection

Our Irrigation system leak detection professionals trace the source of water leaks in the underground supply pipes or sprinkler heads of garden and commercial irrigation systems in Petersfield.

Benefits of choosing ADI to trace your water leak In Petersfield?

  • The Original Leak Detection Service With Over 700 Reviews!
  • Multi Award Winning, Customer Service Centric Company!
  • Same day leak find and fix service (subject to availability)
  • Accurate Insurance Approved Reporting To Support Track & Trace Insurance Claims
  • Detailed Written Report With Photos and Invoices.
  • Prevent Further Damage To Your Property, Saving You Money!
  • Cost Effective Solutions With Honest Pricing
  • Risk Assesments & Method Statements Provided For Commerial Clients in Petersfield.

As a professional, market leading leak detection company serving Petersfield we provide detailed reporting for your residential or business insurance claim, including photographic evidence for every job.

Our Industry Accreditation’s

CIPHE - Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering
ADI Leak Detection is registered with The Water Industry Approved Plumbers’ Scheme.

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Reporting Water leaks In Petersfield

A leak outside the boundary of your property should be reported to your water supplier.

South East Water

Rocfort Rd
Snodland ME6 5AH, United Kingdom.

Call South East water to report a water leak in Petersfield on 03330 000 001

Residential tenants are not responsible for the cost of finding or repairing water leaks.

If you rent privately in Petersfield you will need to contact your landlord.

If you are a local authority or housing association tenant you will need to contact your housing providers “leak line”.

Your landlord, local authority or housing provider should arrange for the leak to be found and fixed as soon as reasonably possible.

Choose ADI Leak Detection – The Water Leak Detection Experts In Petersfield

ADI Leak Detection is the original specialist leak detection company in the United Kingdom. We have trained engineers located across the length and breadth of the county, and have thousands of positive reviews and testimonials from relieved and delighted clients. When it comes to leak detection in Hampshire don’t take any risks with your property – call ADI today!