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Leak Detection Engineers In Bagillt, Flintshire
We trace & repair water leaks!

ADI Leak Detection provide market leading non invasive leak detection services in Bagillt, Flintshire.

We are proud to be an award winning leak detection company with over 700 Trustpilot reviews, making us one of the most reputable and trusted leak detection companies serving residential and commercial customers in Central Heating & Water Leak Detection Bagillt.

Our leak detection engineers use specialist types of equipment including thermal imaging cameras, tracer gases, acoustic listening devices , damp meters and borescope cameras to successfully find of 99% of hidden water leaks in Central Heating & Water Leak Detection Bagillt.

Our reliable internal leak detection engineers locate leaks on on central heating systems, in bathrooms and showers, on underfloor heating systems and even in swimming pools using years of expertise.

Our external leak detection specialists trace the source of water ingress from roof leaks, structural leaks and also locate underground leaks on water mains, drains and irrigation systems.

Water leak Detection Specialists In Central Heating & Water Leak Detection Bagillt Found This Water Mains Leak
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Benefits of choosing ADI to trace your water leak In Central Heating & Water Leak Detection Bagillt?

  • The Original Leak Detection Service With Over 700 Reviews!
  • Emergency Next Day Service (subject to availability)
  • Experienced Plumbing & Heating Engineers
  • Detailed On Site Leak Inspection
  • Accurate Insurance Approved Reporting
  • No Further Damage To Your Property
  • Highly Experienced Leak Detection Specialists
  • Cost Effective Leak Detection & Repair Solutions

As a professional, market leading leak detection company we provide detailed reporting for your residential or business insurance claim, including photographic evidence for every job.

We Investigate All Types Of Water Leaks In Bagillt, Flintshire!

Central Heating Leak Detection

Central Heating Leak Detection

If your central heating system is losing 1.5 bar of its pressure in less than 24 hours our leak detection plumber will be able to pinpoint the leak, even if the leak on pipes under your floor.

We can fix your central heating leak and retest the system, confirming the fix is successful.

Our reliable, leak detection service is built on years of expertise, providing you with accurate answers to your heating problem in Central Heating & Water Leak Detection Bagillt.

Mains Water Leak Detection

Water Mains Leak Detection

Our engineers are able trace and then access the source of water mains leaks using acoustic leak detection technology leak correlators and tracer gases – providing an accurate pinpoint location of your leaking water mains, ready for repair!

We can repair your leaking water mains, and complete a secondary pressure test to confirm the repair is successful and there are no further leaks!

Bathroom Leak detection

Bathroom & Shower Leak Detection

Your professional plumbing and heating plumber is able to find the source of bathroom, toilet, shower, shower tray, bath, taps, sink, radiator & heated towel rails leaks with precision, using multiple types of leak detection equipment .

Your bathroom contains pipes each different plumbing system – your plumber will carry out a detailed inspection on each system including pressure testing.

Underfloor Heating Leak Detection Engineers

Underfloor Heating Leak Detection

Symptoms of a leak in your underfloor heating include the system not holding pressure along with mould or damp on your floors, our professional leak detection specialists can find your leak, curing the cause of water damage in your property.

underground water leaks

Underground Leak Detection

Our underground leak detection teams in Central Heating & Water Leak Detection Bagillt are experts in using advanced non destructive, reliable leak testing solutions to locate hidden underground water leaks on water mains supply pipes, irrigation /sprinkler systems and drainage systems.

The combination of expertise and technology that we use to find underground water leaks is highly accurate – allowing us to pinpoint underground water leaks.
Swimming Pool Leak Equipment

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Our swimming pool teams are PADI Qualified leak detection engineers.

We understand the structure of a swimming pool and are experts at detecting a leak in a pool, testing all components of your pool including the skimmer, main drain, suction lines, pump, filter, return lines and return jets.

Our solutions are designed to pinpoint leaks, allowing an emergency or permanent fix to be made.
Roof Leak Damage Assessed With Thermal Imaging

Roof Leak Detection

A leaking roof can cause water damage to many areas of your property, our specialist roof leak investigation teams can use drone technology, tracer gases, dye testing and electronic leak testing equipment to successfully locate your residential or industrial roof leak.

Structural Leak Detection

We are able to trace the cause of damp and mould in buildings including finding leaks from roofing, walls, ceilings, windows, doors and even where water is seeping through the flooring from a leak under the floor!

Each inspection is carried out using multiple forms of technology to ensure the highest success rate.

Commercial Leak detection

Commercial Leak Detection

Our emergency commercial leak detection experts are specialists at tracing the source of water leaks in commercial buildings roofs, pipework and even structural leaks with minimal disruption.

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Reporting Water leaks In Abertridwr

A leak outside the boundary of your property should be reported to your water supplier.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Fortran Rd, St. Mellons
Cardiff CF3 0LT, United Kingdom.
Call Dwr Cymru Welsh water to report a water leak in Bagillt on 08000 520 145

Residential tenants are not responsible for the cost of finding or repairing water leaks.

If you rent privately in Bagillt you will need to contact your landlord.

If you are a local authority or housing association tenant you will need to contact your housing providers “leak line”.

Your landlord, local authority or housing provider should arrange for the leak to be found and fixed as soon as reasonably possible.

Choose ADI Leak Detection – The Water Leak Detection Experts In Bagillt

ADI Leak Detection is the original specialist leak detection company in the United Kingdom. We have trained engineers located across the length and breadth of the county, and have thousands of positive reviews and testimonials from relieved and delighted clients. When it comes to leak detection in Flintshire don’t take any risks with your property – call ADI today!