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That Underground Water Leak Is Ruining Your Property And Emptying Your Bank Account

ADI have been part of the water management industry in the UK for several years now and in that time we’ve worked on commercial and domestic water leaks in Buckinghamshire and throughout the United Kingdom. Being part of the water leak repair industry means that we’ve seen how much damage and expense a water leak can cause. What’s worse is that we know how much financial damage a water leak can cause and how much cheaper a water leak tracing service is.

Fixing your leak means you can prevent the following:

  • No more worrying about rodent and insect infestation on your property
  • Reduced risk of property subsidence caused by underground soil erosion
  • No massive bills for structural and cosmetic damage to your home or business
  • Lower metered water charges so you’re saving more money almost instantly

You can stop searching for the most professional water leak detection service in Buckinghamshire because you’ve found ADI and we can offer you full selection of leak detection and repair services. All of our team members are trained and insured to work on leaks such as the following:

  • Underground central heating pipe leaks
  • Swimming pool leaks
  • A water leak in your shower

All of the ADI leak tracing teams have access to the following non-destructive leak detection tools which are even effective in tracing swimming pool leaks:

Thermal Imaging CamerasWater Leak Detection Buckinghamshire
Our thermal imaging cameras means that we can perform wall and ceiling leak detection surveys by checking for temperature variations

Gas Tracing
We fill your plumbing pipes with a non-explosive tracing gas that is then detected by our gas sniffers as it leaks out through any holes or cracks in your pipes – we can pinpoint leaks this way

Acoustic Leak Detection
Our acoustic leak detectors can be used to track down internal wall leaks or leaks that are buried up to 8-feet underground

Leak Correlators
Our computerized leak correlation system employs a portable computer and several electronic sensors to find the source of multiple leaks spread over a wide area

ADI offer you a modern and completely non-invasive water leak tracing service that can save you a fortune over the cost and mess involved with traditional leak detection methods.

Want to read an ADI Leak Detection review? Here’s a sample of our customer feedback:

Avoid wasting a fortune on outdated water leak detection practices in Buckinghamshire- call ADI instead on 08007313843.

Our Service FAQ’s

Which water leaks can you find?

We specialise in locating water leaks under floors, on central heating systems, on water mains, hot and cold water feeds. The list is almost endless, but if you have a water leak in a property then we should be able to help you – Simply give us a call on 0800 731 3843 to find out.

Are you able to locate an external water leak?

We have a specialist crew who pinpoint the location of external water mains leaks every day. Using a complete range of specialist leak detection tools, equipment and expertise we are able to accurately locate water on long and short stretches of water mains.

Are you able to repair my leak once you have found it?

Our team are all highly experienced plumbing and heating engineers, many of whom have been tracing and repairing water leaks for many years.

We are on most occasions able to provide a repair service for your water leak once it has been located, this will however depend on the exact location of the leak along with several other factors

Do you have any testimonials for your leak detection service?

Yes, we have over 140 reviews on Which trusted traders with a glowing 4.6 star out of 5 rating!

I am a landlord and my property is elsewhere in the UK, are you able to help?

Sure, we serve the majority of the UK from our base in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and via our network of engineers nationwide.

How can I enquire and have you come solve my problem?

Call one of our small & friendly team on 0800 731 3843 and they will be sure to listen to your problem and you will discover if we can help you.