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Ignoring Your Underground Water Leak Won’t Make It Go Away – You’re Just Delaying Disaster

Over the years at ADI we’ve had the misfortune of seeing what happens when one of our customers in East Sussex chooses to ignore that water leak they noticed a few days or weeks ago. The end result is always thousands of pounds worth of damage. If you’re worried about water leaks and all the expense they can cause you then the cure to your worries is to simply call a professional water leak repair service in the form of ADI. A single phone call is the first step to keeping your property dry and intact.

If you choose not to fix your water leak then prepare for the following:

  • Extensive respiratory health problems for the very old and the very young
  • Your property could lose thousands of pounds in value overnight
  • Permanent and expensive water damage to wooden support joists
  • Thousands of pounds worth of other cosmetic and structural damage

Why not allow the team here at ADI to provide you with all of the water leak detection services you require in East Sussex? We have several years experience in the water management industry, all our techniques are non-invasive and we can work on a wide variety of leak issues:

  • Water leaks in your shower
  • Underground leaks in your central heating pipes
  • Detection of leaks in your swimming pool

Every single ADI leak tracing team has been equipped with the following non-invasive leak investigation tools which can scan for anything from internal wall leaks to checking for leaks in swimming pools:

VisualWater Leak Detection East Sussex
Having the equipment to perform thermal imaging water leak detection is important when those leaks are hidden inside your floors, walls or ceilings

Our acoustic leak detectors are equally effective in tracking down leaks buried up to 8-feet underground or leaks hidden inside your walls

Tracer Gas
Our gas sniffers are arranged around your home or business to pinpoint our special tracing gas as it leaks out through any holes or leaks in your pipework

Leak Correlation
This hybrid leak detection system uses a mix of computer software and multiple electronic sensors to detect where your leak is – even over areas of up to 600 metres

When you hire ADI you’re getting all the benefits that modern and non-invasive leak tracing can offer you – including all the cost effectiveness too!

Customers reviews of ADI Leak Detection are very important to us:

Say goodbye to your leak problems by saying hello to the experts in water leak detection – call ADI now on 08007313843.

At ADI Leak Detection we pinpoint and repair hidden water main leaks, under floor heating & central heating leaks across the UK every single day - areas near East Sussex Include:
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