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You’re Wasting Thousands Of Pounds Each Year Because of That Underground Water Leak

Unless you’ve actually been part of the leak tracing and water management industry as long as ADI Leak Detection have been then you won’t really be able to grasp the seriousness of that water leak on your property. You obviously value your home or business but yet you can’t see any reason to hire a team of professionals to find and fix that leak for you – you’ll just put a bucket underneath it instead. What happens next is always the same – the leak gets far worse and the property owner instantly sees the value in leak tracing and repair.

Your water leak could leave you dealing with any of the following issues:

  • Respiratory health problems caused by the moulds and fungus growing in your property
  • Increasingly more expensive water bills
  • Insects and vermin infesting your property – because of the damp conditions
  • Serious cosmetic and structural damage to your home or business

ADI have a full range of modern and non-invasive leak detection and repair solutions to put into play to fix your water leak problems. We have several years of experience in dealing with internal and external water leaks on all kinds of properties and our engineers are both fully trained and fully insured to deal with such problems.

Our engineers utilize a variety of tools in their leak detection work:

Leak CorrelatorsWater Leak Detection Carlisle
This system is used to detect leaks that are spread over a large area using a combination of complex electronic sensors and advanced computer software

Visual Detection
We deploy our thermal imaging cameras when we need to check inside your walls for the early signs of a leak or the signs of an existing leak instead

Acoustic Detection
Our acoustic leak detectors are accurate to within 2-inches of the leak – even if the leak is buried several feet underground

Gas Tracing
When we’re dealing with difficult leaks we use a tracing gas and gas sniffers to help us identify where your leaks are located

At ADI Leak Detection we provide a non-invasive, neat and highly professional leak detection service – we’re the obvious choice in the Carlisle area.

Our customers give us all the proof that we need to know we’re doing a great job:

Hoping that your leak is going to fix itself or just vanish isn’t going to work. If you call ADI Leak Detection now on 0800 731 3843 we can definitely make that leak vanish for you!

At ADI Leak Detection we pinpoint and repair hidden water main leaks, under floor heating & central heating leaks across the UK every single day - areas near Carlisle Include:
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