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Using Hydrogen to Detect Gas Leaks

In an earlier post we explained the range of methods we use to detect gas leak. One of the ways for detecting leaks that we introduced to you is the use of hydrogen gas to detect gas leaks. Although the technique was briefly covered previously, we thought it might be useful to explain how this method works more fully.

Above all, using hydrogen to detect gas leaks is 100% safe. We actually seal off your gas plumbing and pump it full of harmless hydrogen. Once we have filled the pipes with hydrogen, we start looking for the central heat leak, and this is the clever part, and the advantage of using hydrogen as a detection agent.

It is extremely unlikely that the specific mix of hydrogen and nitrogen that we pump into your pipes will be found occurring naturally in your home. This makes it very easy to locate the actual gas leaks. If we were to try and locate gas leaks solely upon the presence of natural gas, then it is likely that there may be residual amounts of natural gas within your home, caused by the original leak. So instead of using probes to locate natural gas, we use probes to locate hydrogen. It is that simple. We replace something which is hard to locate with something that is easier to locate. A simple technique but very effective.

Next time you need to have gas leaks located and fixed, then be sure to give ADI a call on 08007313843 and you will see this hydrogen based gas leak detection in practice!