Winter Preparation, Covid & Leak Detection!

But what can you do? If like some of our office staff your having to work from home you may find you’ll be using then heating more than last year, you’ll be using more water and more electricity trying to keep yourself toasty and nourished while your listening to your zoom calls that could have […]

UK Water Statistics & Facts

Water Leak Detection Team

To summarize the incredible facts and statistics about water from the info graphic above: There is a staggering 345,034km of water mains used by UK water boards to distribute the water to our taps. 3,170 million liters of water lost through leaks every single day in the UK. The average citizen uses 150 liters of […]

Just How Accurate Is Leak Detection

Much as water leaks are a common phenomenon in most homes, finding and locating them is never an easy task. This is where leak detection comes in – even finding leaks in one of London’s large parks! Leak detection helps homeowners detect and pinpoint all water leaks regardless of their size, or how hidden they […]

How Do Thermal Imaging Cameras Work?

Thermal imaging cameras are used to detect areas or surfaces with extreme heat energy, a perfect tool in the toolbox of our Leak Detection engineers – allowing us to trace pipework and begin the leak detection and repair process. They are electronic, handheld gadgets that are designed with visual displays to help identify heat energy […]

How Does Non Invasive Leak Detection Work?

Water leaks cause considerable damages to homes, not to mention the monetary losses incurred in the form of repairs and renovations. Building insurers often refer to water leaks as ‘escape of water’. A massive chunk of the domestic property damage claims is related to escape of water. So much so that the Association of British […]