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Why We Only Hire Qualified Plumbing & Heating Leak Detection Engineers

Your home is your castle, and so it is crucial that you trust the people tasked with righting any wrongs. Here at ADI Leak Detection, we pride ourselves on only providing you with the best quality engineers and technicians, ensuring that you can enjoy total peace of mind with every visit. Why Do We Only […]

Is Your Boiler Losing Pressure? Discover The Causes Of Pressure Loss

What checks you can do if your boiler is losing pressure? – DIY Pressure Loss Checks Before Calling The Experts Is your boiler losing pressure? If so then you may be wondering where to start… We at ADI have been finding hidden leaks on central heating systems, water pipework and swimming pools for over 10 […]

Water Leak Detection Service Of The Year! London Prestige Awards Winner…

WATER LEAK DETECTION SERVICE OF THE YEAR! LONDON PRESTIGE AWARDS WINNER Today we are super excited to announce that we are the winners of the 2019/2020 London Prestige Awards for Water Leak Detection Company of the year! This comes as a breath of fresh air after what has been a challenging year so far. Summer […]