Before you put your house on the Market…!!!

We understand that a Leak Detection appointment doesn’t usually come at the top of somebody’s ‘Wish List’ when it comes to things you could spend your money on! But we truly believe in the value that our service brings to our customers, and there is one customer in particular from Woodford Green whose story we’d […]

Specialist Commercial Leak Detection

Job of the week! Water Leak Detection Over the last week we have carried out water mains leak detections, central heating leak detections, domestic and commercial leak detections, in fact you won’t believe what we have found leaks on! My job of the week is one I can’t believe we found the leak on myself, even […]

Our Advice on Hiring the Services of a Leak Detection Specialist

Water Leak area identified

This week’s ‘Leak of the Week’ revealed some key points that we’d like to summarise for you to bear in mind when hiring a Leak Detection Engineer. Please be careful who you’re hiring! The basic rules are as follows: Rule Number 1: Make sure the company is capable of carrying out the repairs! Alarm bells […]

Irrigation System Leak Detection – Thinking outside the box!

Underground water leak Kensington

The Ultimate Underground Water Leak! We had an inquiry the other day. Under ground irrigation system pipework leaking, spanning 2000 square meters of public gardens in London Kensington… Could we help?? It pretty much made a normal water mains leak detection sounds easy! Apparently two other companies had been out before us to try and […]

Options For Underground Leak Detection

Leak Exposed After Locating

Water leaks are caused by the poor care of water systems. Unfortunately by the time a water break or an underground water leak is detected a large volume of treated water will have already been lost. This is when the services of underground leak detection specialists are required. If you decide to get leak detection […]