Central Heating System Leaks – The Leak Sealant Dilemma

Winter is fast approaching and you wake up one morning to find that mysteriously, your heating hasn’t come on like it normally does. Chilly and curious, you tiptoe downstairs and across the cold floor to the boiler cupboard to see what’s going on and you discover the boiler pressure is at zero. Fast forward a […]

Emergency Water Leak Detection for Network Rail during the Covid-19 Lockdown Period

So we are well into our 5th week of lockdown in the UK. How are you all hanging in there? We are fortunate enough that all our staff, Engineers and their loved ones are all safe and well and we very much hope you are able to say the same. If you managed to check […]

How ADI Leak Detection Are Protecting Our Clients & Staff From Coronavirus

At ADI we understand the need to keep the UKs water supplies and heating systems running. We also understand that equally important, if not more, is the control of the Coronavirus. The Company and our Specialist Leak Detection Engineers are committed to protecting our customers in any way we possibly can. All Government guidelines have […]