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Here at ADI we work on water leaks for our customers from all over the United Kingdom and we’ve seen that most people are struggling more financially than they have done in years. That’s why we’re baffled when we see any home or business that either know or suspect they have a water leak and refuse to do anything about it. We’ve been offering our leak tracing and repair service to our customers in North Lanarkshire for almost a decade now so we’ve seen just how much money people can waste by avoiding doing anything about their leak.

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Not taking positive action to have your leak repaired means:

  • Dealing with all the health issues that moulds and fungus can cause
  • Having to clear up the mess left behind by the insects and other vermin infesting your property
  • Thousands of pounds worth of cosmetic damage
  • Tens of thousands of pounds worth of structural damage

Why not allow the team here at ADI to take away all the stress that you water leak is causing you. After all we provide one of the most modern leak detection services in North Lanarkshire. We have the tools, training and experience to deal with water management problems as varied as:

All ADI leak specialists are equipped with a full range of modern leak detection equipment which is effective for anything from tracing leaks in your walls to finding a leak in your swimming pool:

VisualWater Leak detection service North Lanarkshire
The early signs of a water leak are usually hidden inside your walls or ceilings – our thermal imaging cameras offer advanced detection of these problems

Finding an underground water leak is difficult but with our acoustic leak equipment we can find leaks that are buried under several feet of earth

Tracer Gas
Our gas sniffers helps us to detect our special tracing gas as it leaks out through any holes or flaws in your pipes

Leak Correlation
Using a mixture of advanced computer software and complex electronic sensors we can trace multiple leaks spread over hundreds of metres

When you hire ADI to trace and repair your leak you’re getting a completely non-invasive leak detection and repair service from start to finish.

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You can put an end to all of your water leak tracing worries and woes by just calling ADI Leak Detection now on 0800 731 3843.

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