Water Leak Detection Specialists In North Ayrshire

For the last decade or so ADI have been offering a water leak management and plumbing services for all of our customers in North Ayrshire with water leaks of any kind. In our time we’ve had to deal with every kind of water leak that you can imagine on both business and domestic properties and we’ve seen what can happen when you don’t fix a leak – absolute disaster on both a financial and personal level. All of that could have been avoided with a single phone call to ADI Leak Detection.

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That unresolved water leak can cause problems like:

  • A mountain of potential health problems caused by moulds and fungus
  • The risk of your property depreciating in value
  • Water damage to wooden support joists
  • Serious levels of structural and cosmetic damage to your property

If you’re looking for leak detection in North Ayrshire then you don’t need to search any further now that you’ve found ADI. Our highly trained engineers are equipped with leak detection equipment for pools, leaking underground central heating pipes or any other type of leak you can think of, and we’re fully insured to carry out this type of work. When you need pinpoint accurate leak detection in North Ayrshire then you simply hire ADI.

Our engineers use 4 very different types of non-invasive and highly advanced leak detection equipment to find the source of your leak:

Visualleak detector North Ayrshire
Our thermal imaging cameras makes water leak detection very straight forward – we can scan inside your walls or floors. This is the quickest way to track down an internal wall leak.

When we need to trace underground water leaks we deploy our acoustic leak detectors

Gas Tracing
We introduce a special gas mixture into your plumbing or heating pipes and our gas detectors pick it up as it escapes through any holes

Leak Correlators
Our computerized leak correlation system is capable of detecting multiple leaks spread over areas of several hundred metres.

At ADI we’re committed to providing you with the best water leak detection and repair service in North Ayrshire – and all at a price you’ll love.

Here’s a customer review of the ADI Leak Detection service:

Why not call the leak detection professionals now on 0800 731 3843 – we’re ready to resolve your leak headaches today. 

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