Water Leak Detection Spalding - Central Heating, Water Mains, Swimming Pools & More!

ADI gas leak detection provide a non invasive leak detection service for the entire Lincolnshire, including Spalding, using only the very best in leak detection technology and equipment such as:
  • Acoustic Leak Detectors
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Moisture Detectors
  • Snake Cameras
  • Nitrogen Hydrogen Gas Tracing
  • Pipe Tracing Equipment
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When you first find a leak on your property you’re probably going to panic at first – not knowing what to do next. The best thing to do is not struggle with the problem yourself – just call in ADI to find the source of your leak.
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We use the very latest in leak detection technology so we can find any interior or exterior leak with a minimum of disruption to you or your family. The level of efficiency our equipment allows us to achieve means that we can offer our customers very competitive pricing as a result. ADI Leak Detection regularly take on the following types of work:
  • Residential And Domestic Leak Detection
  • Industrial and Commercial Leak Detection
  • Insurance Related Work
Water Mains Leak Detection Service Spalding
At ADI we believe in offering the highest possible quality of service to our customers and we prove this by investing in the best training and equipment for our engineers. This means any one of our engineers can deal with:
Central heating Trace And Access Spalding
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Leak Detection in Spalding

ADI can offer their leak detection service to residents of Spalding and nearby areas such as:
  • Cowbit
  • Deeping St. Nicholas
  • Donington
  • Fleet
  • Gedney
  • Gosberton
  • Holbeach Drove
  • Holbeach
  • Hop Pole
  • Little Sutton
  • Long Sutton
  • Moulton
  • Pinchbeck
  • Pode Hole
  • Quadring Fen
  • Quadring
  • Spalding (eastern outskirts)
  • Spalding
  • Surfleet
  • Sutton Bridge
  • Tongue End
  • Weston Hills
  • Weston
  • Whaplode
  • Water Leak Detection Throughout Spalding

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    About Spalding

    This is a small market town on the River Welland, but it’s also big enough to welcome visitors and travelers. The city is famous because of its bulb industry and also as a significant tourist attraction.

    Ayscoughfee Hall, Museum and Gardens. This is a family home that was built in 1450. It stands in a 5-acre garden and is known for its interesting features like the ice house and War Memorial. This place tells the story of the people that lived there, as well as the local history. There is also the Ayscoughfee Café that serves light refreshments and drinks.

    Baytree Owl and Wildlife Centre. This is a falconry center and attraction with more than 100 owls, a large selection of birds, native British wildlife. There are also flying displays, hands-on sessions, and you would get to know about animal adoptions, gift shops, and more. It’s going to be a great place to visit on holidays.
    Gordon Boswell Romany Museum. This museum is run by a family that was started in 1995 by Gordon and Margaret Boswell. The museum has a large collection of gypsy wagons, harnesses, carts, and a cooking pots collection. They even have collections of related items to a person’s way of living. They also have old photographs of families from over the past 150 years.

    Moulton Windmill. This windmill is the tallest in the country, as it stands 100 ft high to the cap’s top. The place was beautifully restored and will give visitors an informative visit. There is also a nice café right inside the area. It’s certainly worth a visit, and it will give everyone a nice and remarkable view that they can look at years after.

    Museum of Technology – The History of Gadgets and Gizmos. The museum showcases the historical events and collections from a very small period from 1830-1980. It’s when the technological revolution took place. They have collections of engineered and electronic artifacts that include telephony, telegraphy, audio, civil communications, and more.