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What most property owners don’t realize is that an underground water leak is slowly costing you a fortune and also causing untold damage to your property too. ADI have been offering our water leak detection and repair service to business and domestic customers in Highland for almost a decade now and in that time we’ve seen all the financial, commercial and personal problems that serious water leak can cause. The worst part of this is that we know we could have found and repaired that leak before it became serious.

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Deciding not to do anything about your water leak means:

  • Respiratory health problems for your family or employees – caused by the moulds and fungus growing in the damp conditions
  • Facing the fact that your property could devalue by thousands of pounds overnight
  • A massive bill for cosmetic and structural damage to your property

You can stop worrying now that you’ve found the leak repair specialists here at ADI – we can handle any kind of leak that you’re dealing with on your property in Highland. Our water leak detection service only employs the most highly skilled and trained engineers who are also fully trained to carry out all forms of leak tracing and repair work:

A leaking showerleak detection services provider Highland

An underground leak in your central heating pipes

Swimming pool leaks

We ensure that every member of our team is equipped with the most advanced and non-invasive leak detection equipment to help them pinpoint any kind of leak anywhere on your property – including internal wall leaks:

Our thermal imaging cameras allow us to perform the types of leak detection that are simply not possible with the human eye – we can see temperature changes inside your walls and floors

We can use our acoustic leak detection equipment to trace leaks that are buried up to 2.5 metres underground and also scan inside your walls for leaks

Tracer Gas
We use gas sniffers to detect a special tracing gas as it leaks out through any holes or flaws in your gas or plumbing pipes

Leak Correlation
Our leak correlation system is capable of tracking down multiple leaks spread over an area of up to 600 metres.

ADI offers each of our customers a truly non-invasive leak detection experience from start to finish.

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You can end all your water leak worries now by simply calling ADI on 0800 731 3843.

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