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We’ve been operating as a national leak tracing and water management business now for the last several years for our commercial and domestic customers in Falkirk and throughout the mainland United Kingdom. Water leaks are our speciality and it doesn’t matter what size or shape property you own or manage we can put our water leak tracing and repair experience to work for you straight away. You see ignoring your water leak or waiting for it to get worse until you do something doesn’t make sense and will be a costly mistake you’ll wish you had avoided.

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An unresolved water leak can cause all kinds of problems like:

  • Massively expensive water bills – because of the all the metered water being wasted
  • The risk of insect and rodent infestation throughout your property
  • You could be at risk from property subsidence
  • Thousands of pounds in structural damage

You can spend another few hours looking at all the other water leak detection services in Falkirk or you can simply call ADI instead – and you’ll be glad you did. We have the experience and the tools to find and fix any kind of leak from a problem with your swimming pool, shower leaks on down to more mundane central heating leak problems. All of our engineers are trained and insured to a very high level to work on problems like these.

At ADI we ensure that each member of our team has access to the very best in non-invasive leak detection equipment including the following:

Thermal Imagingwater leak detection Falkirk
Our thermal imaging cameras can check for heat variances inside your walls – one of our most advanced leak detection methods

In expert hands our acoustic leak detection equipment can scan for leaks in internal walls and also listen for leaks that are buried several feet underground

Gas Tracing
We use our gas sniffers and a special tracing gas to figure out exactly where your internal leaks are without having to drill a single hole

Leak Correlators
What would normally take hundreds of hours can be done in just a few hours with our advanced, computerized leak correlation system – ideal for those big jobs like hotels, factories and farms

ADI are committed to providing each of our customers with the most modern and cost efficient leak detection service available in Falkirk.

Our customer reviews of the ADI Leak Detection service speak for themselves:

Why not call our friendly and helpful team of leak tracing and repair engineers now on 0800 731 3843 – the call is FREE and you’ll love our rates!

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