Central Heating, Swimming Pool & Water Leak Detection In East Dunbartonshire

For several years now both business and domestic property owners in East Dunbartonshire have been able to take advantage of the water management and leak repair service on offer from ADI Leak Detection. We love meeting and working with people from all walks of life but sadly it’s all too often that we’re called to deal with water leaks when a lot of damage has already been caused. We do offer leak management advice over the phone until we can repair the problem for you but that leak never needed to get that bad – one phone call to us would have prevented this disaster.

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You can expect some or all of the following problems from a water leak:

  • Numerous health problems caused by moulds and fungus
  • Your property could lose a lot of its value in a short space of time
  • Permanent water damage to floor and ceiling joists
  • Serious structural and cosmetic damage to your home or business

When you’re looking for leak detection services in East Dunbartonshire then you don’t need to look any further than ADI Leak Detection. We’ve had several years of experience in working on all kinds of leaks on commercial and domestic properties – including swimming pool leaks and underground central heating pipe leaks, to name just a few. At ADI we only employ the most highly skilled engineers and we make sure that each of them is fully covered by our public liability insurance policy before they work on your property.

All of our teams use 4 very different types of highly advanced and non-invasive equipment to find the source of your water leak issue:

Visualleak detection services provider East Dunbartonshire
Performing leak detection work is far easier when we use our thermal imaging cameras to detect the first signs of a water leak inside your floors, walls or ceilings

Underground water leaks can be tricky to work with but fortunately our acoustic leak detectors can trace them under several feet of soil and to within just 5cm of the leak source

Gas Tracing
This involves our engineers flooding your gas or plumbing system with a special gas that’s then detected as it leaks out by or gas sniffers

Leak Correlators
A leak correlation system uses multiple electronic sensors to send back information on the exact location of leaks spread over a very large area – airports and farms being just some examples

ADI are focused on providing our customers with a truly affordable and highly efficient water leak tracing and repair service.

Another sample review of the ADI Leak Detection service from one of our customers:

Take a moment out of your day and call the leak tracing experts in East Dunbartonshire FREE on 0800 731 3843 – put an end to your leak headaches right now.

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