Water Leak Detection Dorchester - Central Heating, Water Mains, Swimming Pools & More!

ADI provide are a non-invasive leak detection provider for residents of Dorset, including Dorchester, who use the very latest in leak detection equipment such as:

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Nitrogen Hydrogen Gas Tracing Systems
  • Acoustic Leak Detectors
  • Moisture Detectors
  • Snake Cameras
  • Pipe Tracing Equipment
ADI Engineers & Customer Service Team Awaiting Your Call

ADI have a highly refined approach to finding leaks on your property and use a wide range of cutting edge tools to find the source of any leak anywhere on your property. We offer our customers a truly non-invasive leak detection experience on each property that we work on. As a matter of fact we work with such a high level of efficiency that we can pass this on you in the form of great value for money for the work we do.

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ADI are regularly engaged to work on the following:

  • Domestic and Residential Leaks
  • Commercial and Industrial Leaks
  • Insurance Based Work
Water Mains Leak Detection Dorchester

We take how well trained our engineers are very seriously indeed. Each ADI engineer has undergone a rigorous training program to enable them to effectively and efficiently deal with issues such as:

  • Wall Leak Detection
  • Water Mains Leak Detection
  • Central Heating System Leak Detection
  • Swimming Pool Leak Detection
  • Sub-floor Leak Detection
  • Pipe Tracing
Central heating Trace And Access Dorchester
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Leak Detection in Dorchester

ADI are able to offer their services to customers living in Dorchester and the following areas too:

  • Dorchester
  • Poundbury
  • Puddletown
  • Crossways
  • Winfrith Newburgh
  • Winterborne St Martin
  • Puncknowle
    • West Bexington
    • Maiden Newton
    • Evershot
    • Charminster
    • Cerne Abbas
    • Buckland Newton
    • Pulham

      Water Leak Detection Throughout Dorchester

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