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In our decades of plumbing & leak detection history we’ve served customers of all kinds in Blaenau Gwent and elsewhere across the Wales and in that time we’ve seen the devastation, health problems and financial pain that a serious water leak, internal, external or underground, can have on any business or home.

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The reality of what can happen as the result of a major water leak is something that most people really don’t take seriously enough:

  • Your water bill grows to the point where you’re unable to pay it, then you wind up in arrears
  • As the soil beneath your feet is being eroded your property could start to subside
  • All the decay and dampness caused by a water leak can and will attract disease-carrying vermin
  • Your floors and walls will be damaged cosmetically and possibly even structurally damaged by that same water
  • Fungi capable of causing serious health problems will appear all over your property, these are of particular danger to the very young and the very old

At ADI we have all the leak detection and repair solutions required to help any of our customers reading this with their leak issue. Our leak management experience means we can provide advice on how to prevent any further damage from the leak until we reach you. Plus you’ll also find that ADI leak detection engineers are among the most helpful and professional in their industry.

Our engineers have 4 different ways of tracing your leaks to their source and each of these methods is totally non-invasive, so your home remains untouched while we track down that bothersome leak. It’s only when we actually find the leak that we begin any kind of targeted excavation work.

Acoustic Detection

Even if a leak is located several feet underground our acoustic leak detectors can pinpoint the location of that leak to within 50mm of the source, this saves valuable time when repairing itWater Leak detection service Blaenau Gwent

Thermal Imaging

Our thermal imaging units are literally capable of seeing inside your walls and underneath your floors to highlight the heat variances that are a sure sign of a leak being present

Gas Tracers

To deploy this system we fill your pipes with a special gas that gets detected when it leaks out, through the hole or crack, by our gas sniffer units

Leak Correlators

These sensors can detect the noise coming from multiple leaks on the same pipe or leaks spread over a distance of over 600 metres, making them idea for use on large or expansive properties like farms or factory units

At ADI Leak Detection we care about offering you value for money and we do everything we can to help you save as much money as you can on finding and repairing your leak

We’ve included some of our customer testimonials for you to review:

L Hooper – Guildford, Surrey.

Job Number – 907073

Very efficient, patient & professional. I would recommend this company”

Anna Noe –   NW11, North West London

Job Number – 906880

They were really helpful, made it quick and straightforward”

Mr Wyles – Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Leak Detection Job Number – 906226
I Needed to detect a water leak and have it repaired. Vincent was engaging and professional and used thermal imaging to quickly locate the problem. He exposed the problem in a screeded floor + effectively fixed the problem. He Checked and drained the heating system in the house, used hydrogen to verify that there were no further leaks. He left the house in the same condition he found it. A through and complete job.

All of the above testimonials are verifiable.

Now you have seen what other customers have said about us, give us a call on 0800 731 3843 to speak to our friendly & helpful team.

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