Handling a problem with your boiler doesn’t have to be overwhelming; the solution comes in knowing what the fault code actually means, allowing you to take swift, decisive action.

What is a E119 Error Code?

An E119 error code will usually point to low boiler pressure, and this can have a number of different causes, including water leaks on your central heating system pipework.

In most cases, a E119 fault on a Baxi Potterton boiler indicates that there is water leaking somewhere in the system, and this is a job usually best handled by the professionals; leaks can be tricky to track down, and may require specific specialist knowledge to repair and rectify. This is very similar to the Vailliant F75 boiler fault code. We have also published a guide to Worcester Bosch Boiler Fault Codes.

How To Fix The E119 Fault Code

An E119 fault means that your system is not functioning correctly, and this will typically result in a lack of heating and hot water. Repressurising the system is usually a fairly easy job and can be a great way to monitor the situation – if the pressure suddenly drops again, this is a strong indication that there is a leak or flaw in your boiler, pipes or radiators.

Please only follow the steps if you are competent and have also read the manual for your particular boiler.

How To Increase The Pressure Of My Baxi / Potterton Boiler

To repressurise your boiler, you need to just follow a few simple steps:

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