Causes of Water Mains Supply Pipe Leaks

Water leaks from the main supply can happen at any time with no warning and can cause extensive and expensive damage if left untreated, not to mention the cost of the leaking water. 

Here at ADI Leak Detection we are experts in domestic water leak detection and act promptly to minimise the damage caused by the escaped water. 

Causes of water main supply pipe leakages

Water Mains Supply Leak Causes:

ADI Leak Detection specialise in finding and repairing water leaks with our highly efficient water main leak detectors. There are a number of reasons why a water leak can occur around the home from the water mains.

Ground Movement

If the mains water pipes around your home are not buried deep enough underground even the slightest amount of ground movement can cause problems. 

How do I find an underground water leak you may ask, we are the UKs original leak detection service and are able to locate hidden water leaks buried deep underground with as little disruption as possible. 

Changing Temperatures

Changing temperatures can make the ground shift around the mains water pipes. 

In cold months where the ground freezes, water in the soil turns to ice and expands which puts pressure on the water pipes and can cause cracks to form. 

If the ground heats up too quickly after a cold spell, as the ice in the ground melts the water molecules shrink causing more movement around the mains water pipes. Over time this endless cycle of freezing and melting can put pressure on the pipes causing more cracks. 

Older pipes are more susceptible to this as they are unable to withstand the pressure causing them to become more vulnerable. 

When construction or landscaping is carried out the conditions in the soil can change which can increase the risk of a burst water mains pipe underground. 

Old Pipes

A large proportion of the water in the UK is distributed through old cast iron water pipes which are more brittle and prone to cracking easily with any difference in ground movement. 

Over time older metal pipes can become corroded with rust that can weaken pipe walls, seals and joints. As the corrosion eats away at the pipes small cracks will appear which will lead to the complete rupturing of the pipes. 

If the water supply pipe to your home have been installed or repaired incorrectly it is inevitable that a leak will eventually occur. If you think you have a leak it is important to use a leak detection specialist as opposed to a normal plumber. 

Our leak detection and repair specialists have the training, equipment and experience required to detect the leak and repair it in the least invasive way ensuring minimal disruption to your home while the work is carried out. 

Illegal Standpipe Usage

Unauthorised use from standpipes is when a person or company connects unauthorised equipment to the water network in order to take water from the mains for free. 

As well as running the risk of contaminating the water supply in the pipes this unlawful activity poses the risk of causing leaks and burst water mains as it can suddenly alter the pressure going through the pipes.

Water Mains Supply Pipe Leak Causes FAQ's

The responsibility of a water leak depends on where the leak is coming from. The homeowner or landlord of the property is responsible for all pipes that lead from the boundary of the property to the property itself as well as all pipes and fixtures within. 

The boundary usually starts where the stop valve or water meter is located. If the leak is coming from a pipe located beyond your property into a neighbouring property you are still responsible for the repair if that pipe also supplies your home. 

Water leaks on public land are the responsibility of the water company. 

If you suspect a leak it is important to report it straight away to prevent water wastage and further damage. 

For water leaks that originate beyond your property boundary the relevant water board company needs to be notified. 

Different regions of the UK use different water board companies. Here we have compiled a list of all the water companies by region where to report a water mains leak.

A water supply pipe should be laid between 750mm – 1350mm deep. This helps to prevent the pipes from freezing in the winter, water in these pipes are generally slow moving and as such ice crystals can easily form in the pipes causing a slower flow and the risk of the pipe cracking or becoming blocked. 

The average temperature of the ground at this depth is generally at a more stable level so it can help keep the water in the pipes warmer meaning less energy is needed to heat the water up.

Water damage to your property is usually covered by your buildings insurance as standard but it’s important to check your cover to see if this is part of your policy. Some insurers will cover your water supply pipe repair but not all, so again it is vital to contact your insurance company to find out if your policy covers this. 

ADI Leak Detection Help No Matter What The Cause Of Your Leaking Water Main

Whether old pipe work, temperature changes or ground movement has caused your mains water pipe to leak, our leak detection engineers who are strategically located all across the UK are equipped with the latest state of the art technology to pinpoint your leak quickly and efficiently to ensure minimal damage and disruption to your home.  

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