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You Absolutely Need Leak Detection Before Freezing Weather Gets Here

Our weather is changing and changing rapidly. Now whether or not this has to do with global warming, El Nino or just some weird cycle that planet Earth goes through every few hundred of thousand years the fact remains that English weather simply isn’t as stable as it was before. In fact did you know that the UK has experienced several mini ice ages and those are only the ones recorded in the last few hundred years. There’s a famous picture from the 1670s where the Thames has frozen over so completely that they built a temporary street on it and held what was called a Frost Fair. The last time the Thames froze that badly was around 1850 so the idea of intense warm spells followed by extremely cold spells is nothing new at all.

Our last 2 winters, for example, have been extremely cold and even if the current winter seems mild right now there’s no guarantee that it simply won’t change its mind within 48 hours and leave you buried under several feet of snow.

So the last thing you want to happen is to find out after a thaw that the small gas leak you had before the big freeze hit has now expanded on its earlier aspirations and has grown into a ruddy great burst pipe on you. And the problem with a burst pipe is that it won’t bother you during a cold snap but the minute the snow and ice melts the first sign of a problem is water pouring down your walls.

So before the cold weather really kicks in why not do yourself a favor and call ADI industrial leak detection and have them check your home for any signs of central heating leaks or potential future water damage. Don’t forget that each of our engineers is also a fully trained plumber so if you need extra advice on preparing your water supply or heating for winter we can also help you with that.

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