Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, Nottingham

This grade two listed public house claims to have existed since 1189. There is however no public documentation to verify this information. The building rests on Castle Rock where Nottingham Castle is built. There are several caves attached to the castle that is carved out of sandstone and provide a spectacular view of the castle.

These caves are believed to have been used as brew-houses in the medieval period and the fact that they still exist is an astonishing achievement. The pub is believed to have been originally known as “The Pilgrim”. References to this name can be traced back to 1751.

Attractions of Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem

  • Nottingham Castle. this was a major royal fortress and provided occasional royal residence. The Nottingham Castle gives you a rare opportunity to see medieval architecture in detail and wow at the amazing well-crafted structure.
  • Cave cellars. beneath the pub lies cave cellars that are deeply rooted into the sandstone cliffs. These cliffs have long been used to store ale. The cellars also host a cockfighting pit that takes you back through history. These cellar caves also acted as hideouts, homes, business premises, and jail cells.
  • Condemned Cell. This is a small cell that has a very low ceiling. The ceiling is drilled with tiny holes to allow air to pass through. To date, you can also see the “Gaoler’s Chair” which is engraved on the rock just outside the cells. A trip through the Ye Olde Trip to Nottingham cellars is easily organized upon request.
  • Mortimer’s Hole. There have been some amazing tales about Mortimer’s Hole. One such tale is of King Edward’s second wife; Queen Isabella was reportedly unhappy with her marriage as her husband preferred the company of men. She then fled to France where she met her lover, Sir Roger Mortimer.

They then returned with an army of supporters and overthrew King Edward. Edward then sent an army to try to capture Mortimer through secret passages. Mortimer was killed and Isabella jailed. The secret passageway has since been known as Mortimer’s hole and it is alleged that Isabella’s ghost still haunts the place. You can book a tour to see the place.

  • Pregnancy chair. One of the many historic antiques of this pub is the pregnancy chair. Supposedly, sitting on this chair will increase the chances of getting pregnant. This chair has however been locked away due to the high number of women lining up to sit on the chair.

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