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Worried About the Cost of Leak Detection and Repair?

When you notice a leak in your home it can be really worrying. This is especially the case if you can’t find where it’s coming from. With leak detection and repair services, you can rest assured that the source of the leak will be found quickly and dealt with professionally. If you are worried about the cost of leak detection services then stop. There are some companies who offer competitive prices and ADI is one of them.

How ADI Can Save You Money

Typically when you call out gas leak detection and repair services, you are charged a call out fee and there are often many hidden costs involved too. ADI tell you exactly what you’ll be paying and there isn’t a call out charge. The work is guaranteed and we also offer really competitive rates.

Don’t let your leak get any worse because you think that you can’t afford central heating leak detection and repair services. Call ADI now on our free phone number: 08007313843. If you attempt to fix the problem yourself, you could end up spending thousands of pounds to repair further damage. Let one of our friendly professionals help you to avoid any further costs.