Wollaton Village Dovecote Museum, Nottingham

Rich in history this museum has been known to be one of the oldest buildings in Wollaton. The ongoing global pandemic has negatively impacted the activities of the museum. This led to a 12-month closure period. It is, however, scheduled to be open in July 2021.

When you visit the Dovecote you will get the opportunity to try some of the Tudor crafts and play the Tudor games. Admissions are usually free but if you are in a generous mood you can feel free to donate. Group visits are very encouraged and a guided walk-around is provided.

The Dovecote Museum Garden was once again awarded a distinguished Green Flag award in 2019 for the outstanding achievement of maintaining a national park and green spaces.

A visit to the dovecote will greet you with a display of several costumes as well as photographs of the village’s journey through the years.

Places to visit while at Wollaton Village

  • Wollaton Hall, Gardens, and Deer Park. This 16th-century building features an English, Renaissance-style mansion that houses various natural history museums. This place is good for kids and is also wheelchair accessible. If you are within this area be sure to check out this area if you want to see some real countryside sceneries.
  • Wollaton Park Playground. Parents traveling with kids will enjoy this one. It offers a place where your kids can have fun and play fun activities. The park radiates beauty, adventure, history, and exercise.
  • Nottingham industrial museum. This museum is run by volunteers and contains a display of local transport, mining, telecommunications textiles machinery, motor cars, and motorcycles. If you want to check out these kinds of ancient technologies, then a quick stop at this museum will get you sorted.
  • Nottingham Natural History Museum. Here you will find items from over a million specimens that make up botany, geology, and zoology. It started as an interest group and is currently owned by the Nottingham city council.

Wollaton as a town is synonymous with the park, a lake, rolling pastures where you can easily spot red fallow deer roaming freely, and the woodland trails. The park lies at the center of Wollaton Hall and a porch Elizabeth mansion houses a natural history museum. There are also Tudor-era rooms that people can book and visit on guided tours.

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