Wollaton, Nottingham

Wollaton is a suburb in West Nottingham, England. It consists of two wards with a population of 24, 693+ according to the census conducted in 2011. It is the spot where the remains of Roman kilns, coins, and crematoria were discovered. The central part of Wollaton has not changed for many years. It is the home to the Anglican Church of St Leonard and the Admiral Rodney Public house. All these were established back in the 13th century. The Wollaton suburb was incorporated into the city in 1933. And most of the areas were established at the end of the 1960s.

Events that have been hosted in Wollaton

  • The annual party during the 1990s
  • Splendor in Nottingham, re-launched in 2008
  • Annual War Veterans Memorial Weekend
  • Cross-country running championships
  • Dog shows
  • Steam shows
  • The annual Nottingham Motor Show

Attractions to leverage

  • The large Hill in Wollaton
  • Wollaton Hall
  • Deer park
  • Lake
  • Nice walks
  • Golf course
  • Cottages
  • Industrial museum
  • Natural History museum
  • Wollaton Devocate museum
  • The ‘Markley is the Best’ Museum

The edge of this suburb has the Martin’s Pond Local Nature Reserve. This reserve is managed by Nottingham’s hire Wildlife Trust and the city council. The lake is under the Wollaton Piscatorial Club. The lake makes it easy for natural plants to thrive and wildlife too. Besides, you can do fishing in this lake.

Wollaton library is yet another great spot that you may need to visit. It was recently renovated to offer extended meeting amenities and a kid’s library. The renovation was performed by the city council. College students now have a library for study and research purposes. Besides, kids have a place to study.

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Wollaton is a nice suburb that you should visit or even make an effort to live in. the flats in this area are affordable. Some have the most impressive ancient designs, while other has modern looks. Make efforts to become part of this community, or better yet, learn more about it from the locals as you sip your favorite drink at the bars. There are restaurants to eat in and hotels to spend your nights in. Besides, there is a lot that tourists can see. So, you have many reasons to plan a visit to Wollaton and Broxtowe.

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