Its that time of year once again, what’s difference well stating the obvious were back in lock down. As our engineers cannot find and fix your leak from the comfort of there own home and PJ’S, were still working hard on the road keeping your heating going, your water running and your properties dry with our industry leading Trace and Access Services.

But what can you do?

If like some of our office staff your having to work from home you may find you’ll be using then heating more than last year, you’ll be using more water and more electricity trying to keep yourself toasty and nourished while your listening to your zoom calls that could have been an email!

I think this year we have talked about how we keep ourselves safe and our customers safe using proper hygiene, well, your central heating system will need the same. Although you won’t need to hand sanitise your boiler cover every 20 minutes while singing happy birthday but making sure your system has had inhibitor added and your yearly service up to date is a great start.

If your wanting any more information about how were keeping our customers safe during these uncertain times when have a read of our blog posts here at ADI Leak Detection – including checking out these facts and statistics about Water

What about cold pipes?

I talked about last time about your pipes needing coats, and this is true! To add a little more protection to those pipes outside (and I don’t mean a mask), adding a jacket or cover can really help with these icy days yet to come. For a bonus if your able to turn off any outside taps or unused external pipes inside your home then this will really help, however remember to leave these taps open to allow for expansion.

Remember that if you have a leak on your water mains that it may not be your responsibility to fix it!

Maintenance – yes I’m talking about this again, I can feel the eyes rolling.

ADI deals with sealed system leaks, we specialize in leaks from your heating, hot water to your mains supplies but now and again we do come across leaks from other sources like gutters. Although that is not what we test, we are always happy to help with advice so you can find the right service to move forward. To try and avoid these issues make sure you get all those leaves fallen from the trees out of your guttering and drains. Theses things are often forgotten about in the mist of Halloween, firework night and mentally preparing yourself for Elf on the Shelve, but they are especially important and cost you a pretty penny if they fail.

Please remember your safety when removing debris and seek a professional to avoid any problems.

This winter for lots of people can bring on lots of anxieties, cold and dark days, staying in more and that’s without covid-19, so having an issue like a leak on your plumbing can cause heaps of stress. Were here, were working and still carrying out leak detection while working with the required restrictions and PPE to keep us all safe.

Keep an eye on our blog for any updates.

Keep safe from all of us at ADI!