Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and Tour, London 

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and Tour, London is a museum with different exhibits and a touch screen computer that visitors attract to. This museum allows all guests to have an experience of the center court. Some guides help to take visitors around the museum, explaining the history of this museum and things found in it.  Wimbledon lawn tennis museum and tour is always open throughout the year but not during the week of championships since it allows ticket holders only.

History of Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and Tour

The Duke of Kent declared this museum on 12th April 2006. When the museum was opened, twenty-one amateurs showed up to compete, and the winner was to take home a 25 guinea trophy. Tennis originated in the 13th century.

Other Tourist Attractions

  1. The Championships: The World’s Greatest Tennis Tournament

This is one of the oldest museums in the world. Once you get to read about it, you will understand that it is very famous since it is known all over the world. The other thing about it is that it has humble beginnings which is a rare thing to find in other museums. All England Lawn Tennis Club came up with the idea of raising money to purchase the lawn roller for the pitch.

  1. Wimbledon And Putney Commons

Going for picnics is one of the activities that are always encouraged. This is because it comes with a lot of benefits that are very important to a human being. First, it helps to relieve stress and also it keeps your brain very active. If you are a lover of picnics, this is one place that you can visit as you get to see the green space.

  1. Wimbledon Village

Wimbledon is one of the most important places in history that has been able to retain much. It plays a vital role in hosting different cultural events. It also has a lot of boutique shops that one can enjoy shopping after these events. There is also a market that you can buy fresh market products that are sold every weekend throughout the year.

  1. Southside House

Southside house was built in 1687 in Dutch Baroque Style, and now it is open for a public museum. There are very many artifacts on display, and the dressing case belonging to Anne Boleyn is of particular interest.

  1. Wat Buddhapadipa Temple

This is set on a four-acre of land. It was the first hence making it unique. This has made it become one of the top tourist attractions around the globe.

Things to Do In Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and Tour

If you visit this museum, there are other things that you can expect to come across. These are essential things since they will help you learn more about the museum and better understand it. These include;

  1. Seeing the center court
  2. The no. 1 court
  3. The Mr. Fred Perry Statue
  4. The Aorangi Terrance
  5. Press areas where players are interviewed after their matches
  6. Players entrance

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