Wild Place Project, Bristol

Wild Place Project is an excellent place to explore if you are in Bristol or when you visit. What you will enjoy;

  • Barefoot trail. This has to be the most fascinating activity in Wild Place Project. The barefoot trail was built by volunteers for a long time. The trails are filled with different textures like pebbles, soil, bark and mud, which is a favorite to children. The mud shouldn’t worry you as there is water at the end of the trail for you to clean your feet.
  • The Benoue National Park. This park in Wild Place Project replicates the life of the wilds of Cameroon in Africa. The park houses two red river hogs which they are referred to as the two boys, because they are very playful and like digging the earth to search for food. The Wild Place Project is home to three cheetahs from Africa. There are three giraffes in the park named Tico, Dayo and Tom. There are more animals enclosed here. Some places are raised to make sure visitors get the best glimpse of the animals.
  • Nature walks. Wild Place Project has some of the best gardens to visit in Bristol. The tall trees and shrubs create a perfect space for you to stroll as you catch some fresh air and relax. You do not need to be overwhelmed by cabin fever when you can step out and stretch, walk and get rejuvenated again.
  • The tower meadow. This is a tower right at the center of the tower meadow in the Wild Place Project. The structure is historical as it was built in 1839 to be an observatory. The meadow is a beautiful open space for visitors to have a great picnic. All you need is to bring your picnic blanket and a book or some small bites to chew on as you catch some sun.
  • The Sanctuary Gardens. These gardens are still found in Wild Place Project. They have stood the test of times. As the name suggests, the gardens were a sanctuary to people fleeing from airstrikes and during Second World War. The garden is now home to plants that need to be conserved. It also has herbs that are used in the Courtyard café to make scrumptious delicacies.
  • The play area. Any park with a play area is every parent’s dream. Wild Place Project allows you to live this dream as they have good play area options from the long slide, scatter bridge and the climbing wall at the Fun Fort. A favorite to many Bristol kids is the giant’s bird nest. Please bring your children and let them have fun as you relax too. A win-win for everyone.

Leak Detection in Bristol

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After going to Wild Place Project, Bristol, you can visit Queen Square, Bristol.

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