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Why You Should Only Use Trained Leak Detection Engineers

Any number of companies you find might claim to be leak detection specialists but just because somebody says they can do something doesn’t necessarily mean they’re experienced enough or equipped well enough to perform that task for you. This is especially true of leak detection and most importantly non-invasive leak detection.

How are they different from one another?

Well “traditional” central heating leak detection revolves around the concept of using educated guesses to find the source of a gas leak. This then means that the “expert” starts digging and drilling to find where the leak is coming from and patch it up. The reality of this is that even though you spot water leaking from one point of your property it rarely means that the actual source of the leak is in the same area – water follows the path of least resistance so will gladly flow several feet away from the source before you see it.

With the type of non-invasive leak detection that ADI  offer we don’t need to dig or drill holes in the wild hope of finding a leak. Instead we employ some of the most advanced technology available to find the source of your leak. Our equipment allows us to see through walls and floors and listen for leaks that are buried deep under your floor or garden. And when you combine our range of cutting-edge equipment with our almost decades of experience in doing this type of work you’re getting a company you can rely on.

So if you’ve found a leak on your property and need to call in somebody to find it and fix it just make sure you’re using an advanced leak detection company and not just some random plumber who might get lucky after drilling several holes in your floors and walls trying to find the source of your issue.

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