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Why You Need To Be Proactive With A Property Leak

Being proactive with most things in life is a good thing. Like, for example, if you notice a pain, twinge or mark somewhere on your body that wasn’t there before then visiting a doctor is a good idea. Chances are it will turn out to be nothing but it’s not a chance you want to take and the same is true of leak detection or trace, access and repair services as it’s referred to in the insurance industry.

As we mentioned earlier the average cost of repairing water damage to a property in the United Kingdom is at least £7,500 so that’s the biggest reason of all for making sure that a trickle of water doesn’t become a flood. And that’s only taking into account water damage never mind the catastrophic result of a major or cumulative gas leak on your property

Then you need to look at your heating system. Our winters are going to get colder for the next few decades and there’s predictions that we’re heading into a mini ice age. Regardless of that outcome if you have a leak in your central heating system you are quite literally burning money as well as fuel. We can help you find those leaks quickly.

And then of course there’s the expense of an untreated water leak and it’s not just the potential damage. You’re paying for water that you’re not using and as water metering becomes a standard feature in homes in the UK and elsewhere in Europe you simply don’t want to be paying for water that you’re not using; which is also causing unseen damage to your property.

Leak Detection Services