ADI Leak Detection Management TeamYour home is your castle, and so it is crucial that you trust the people tasked with righting any wrongs. Here at ADI Leak Detection, we pride ourselves on only providing you with the best quality engineers and technicians, ensuring that you can enjoy total peace of mind with every visit.

Why Do We Only Choose The Best Leak Detection Engineers?

At the simplest level, we only choose the best because we care about our customers. We want to make sure that you have a great experience from start to finish, and that your problem is taken care of quickly and efficiently. All of our plumbers and engineers are fully qualified, registered and experienced, meaning your home is in the safest hand. Some of our motivations include the following:

Having been fully trained in the world of leak detection, our engineers are in the perfect position to take an expert, methodical approach to your leak. Unlike some engineers, our team will not tear up foundations, remove patios, or cut holes in your carpet – their approach is sleek, slick and effective, designed to take care of your problem with minimal fuss or disruption. Our team can think through the problem from start to finish, ensuring that the leak is totally resolved the first time.

Leak Detection EquipmentWe use a variety of resources to help us detect the leaks in the system, including thermal imaging cameras to detect damp spots, acoustic listening devices to hear and identify the source of leaks, and tracer gases – a blend of nitrogen and hydrogen – to narrow down the location of the leak. We also use leak correlators to help discover the source of leaks when a large surface area is involved, or when underground pipes are damaged. By using highly qualified engineers, we can ensure that the team we send out already has plenty of experience using the best quality equipment. Not only does this save time, but it also helps to reassure you that the best quality work is being carried out in every situation.

With their wealth of experience in the industry, and with plenty of experience using the correct equipment, our engineers are not only able to detect and source your leak with minimal fuss; they also have the ability to carry out a huge range of repairs on heating systems, water mains, and swimming pools. This means that unlike other companies, there will be no need for you to outsource different elements of the repairs to different engineers or professionals. Our team will be able to locate the source of the leak, and carry out a fast efficient repair, no matter the source of the issue.

Get In Touch With ADI Leak Detection!

If you suspect a leak in your system, or have noticed signs which may point to a problem, contact one of our experienced team on 0800 731 3843 today. Our quality engineers will take care of your leak from start to finish, ensuring minimal fuss and a fast, effective solution.