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Why Should You Choose Acoustic Leak Detection UK?

Water leaks are common threats faced by UK homeowners , repeated freeze/thaw cycles can lead to weak points in water pipes, as can age and numerous other factors. However, finding those water leaks before they create massive amounts of damage is not necessarily easy. Traditional leak detection services are invasive and cause additional damage (that comes out of your pocket). However, acoustic  gas leak detection in the UK can ensure any leaks are located as quickly as possible and that you are not stuck with high repair bills due to invasive locating techniques.

Acoustic leak detection in the UK is an innovative technique that can be used to locate leaks in pipes in almost any situation. It can be used to listen for central heating leak in your home’s walls, as well as beneath tiled floors and even within concrete floors. In addition, patios, grass and driveways present to problem to this technique. Simply put, it’s one of the most effective methods of finding a water leak without having to rip up the surface material during the search.

If you suspect you have a water leak, call ADI today at 08007313843. Don’t wait , there’s no reason to pay high repair bills or wait until you have visible ‘evidence’ of a leak. Acoustic leak detection for UK homeowners is accurate, fast and simple.

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