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Why Detecting Water Leaks Is So Important

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and when it comes to taking care of your home or business property this is as true as when it applies to taking care of your own or your family’s health. The simple reality is that the sooner you detect a water leak the sooner you can prevent it causing major and possibly even permanent damage to your property.

The classic image in most peoples heads when it comes to a water leak is somebody putting out basins to catch all the drops of water coming through their ceiling. In real life a water leak is never that simple, pleasant or accommodating. If you can see where the gas leak is then perhaps you can deal with it yourself but if the leak is under your floor or inside a wall then stopping the water causing a rolling cascade of damage to your property is going to be difficult, if not impossible, to stop yourself.

That’s why here at ADI central leak detection we have such advanced equipment in play – some leaks are just very, very difficult to find full stop. So our equipment allows us to find leaks under floors and inside walls and we can find any of these leaks to within a few centimeters of their source without having to dig or drill any holes to track them down.

The sooner you call ADI to find the source of your leak the sooner you can have the problem solved and your leak stopped.

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