The Leak Detective on Tik Tik is one of our leak detection experts specialising in finding leaks on plumbing systems, central heating systems and swimming pools.

Matt’s Tik Tik content just keeps going viral, with over 1million likes on his videos from over 83,000 followers!

The videos on The Leak Detective channel show Matt working through the leak detection process to locate leaks and then retesting the systems confirming there are no further water leaks.

On this page you will find a selection of leak detection Tik Toks with an explanation of the customers problem, our investigation and the leak repair we carried out.

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A Big Central Heating System Leak

This central heating system had a massive central heating leak.

Using the boiler top up valve to top up the boiler pressure, the water runs but the system will not build any pressure. Safe to say the boiler is losing pressure!

The must be a leak…

A quick investigation that didn’t require any of our specialist tool set found water pouring into the basement.

A pipe in ducting had burst a joint.

We ran a new pipe through the ducting.

We refilled the heating system and pressure testing revealed that it is now holding pressure.

Refilling of the system was carried out and the heating switched back on for testing.

ADI Leak Detection save the day again!

Water Penetrating Up Through Kitchen Floor...

This customer thinks there is a leak under their kitchen floor.

Its the only logical explanation as to why there is water coming up through the floor. The water is puddling and making the grout lines wet.

There is also a faint noise of running water under the kitchen sink.

First Matt tested the Hot & Cold Feeds from the hot water tank to the kitchen sink – both held pressure so were confirmed as not leaking.

The next pressure test is on the mains feed for the drinking water which confirms a leak.

We then use Tracer Gas leak detection which gives inconclusive results.

Then Matt uses an Acoustic Ground Microphone to listen for the sound of the leak below the ground.

Matt located the leak to under a single kitchen floor tile – lifting the tile revealed the leak! The leak was found to be a small spilt on a copper pipe which Matt repaired.

Finding A Leak On A Caravan Park...

Matt is tasked with finding a water mains leak on a caravan park with 87 plots.

There are isolation valves around the park, so Matt worked methodically to test each area.

After some time Matt had limited his search area to one street within the park and then used tracer gas leak testing.

The sniffing device found the gases rising by a green house.

Excavation by Matt and his shovel found a water pipe which had split.

A quick repair and the problem was solved with minimal disruption for our client at the caravan park.

Just another successful day in the world of ADI Leak Detection!

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