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When To Use A Leak Detection Service

The key to dealing with either a gas or water leak in your home is to take action as soon as you notice there’s any kind of a problem. It might be just the faintest whiff of gas or maybe just the first hint of dampness in a room. Even just a musty odor in the air of a room can hint to a much more serious and hidden problem that you should be taking care of as soon as you possibly can.

At ADI central heating problems we see, all too often, the results of what happens when a home or business owner notices they have minor water damage but decide to do nothing about it. They do what most people do and simply file the problem away under “Deal with it later”. The problem is that by the time later comes around the damage has spread and you’re no longer looking at just a minor water leak detection or plumbing problem. Instead you’re dealing with severe water damage that might also have caused structural damage so between insurance company assessors and structural engineers you’re going to be pulling your own hair out in frustration at having to deal with all of this.

A great many of the situations we’ve been called to deal with in our emergency plumbing service capacity could very easily have been solved by hiring one of our gas leak detection engineers to trace the source of that water leak and then fix it. We know it seems hard to believe but you’re actually saving yourself a lot of money and headaches by taking action the split second you notice a gas or water leak. It goes against the grain for most people when they look at it this way but it’s the honest truth.

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