What leak?! Can you spot the Leak Repair!?

Lead Pipe Replaced with Plastic

Successful leak detection on domestic external mains, South London.


Before the Leak



It’s not always possible, but it gives us a great sense of satisfaction when we are able to find a leak, access it, replace a whole section of pipework, backfill, AND reinstate the ground surface in a single day!

All this was achieved by just one Engineer on his own.  He goes by the name of Vince and he is our external mains specialist.

After detecting the leak using tracer gases, the area next to the flower bed was exposed to find a leak on an old lead supply.

The Leak & The Repair!

The Leaking Lead Pipe Exposed

Lead has not been used in the installation of water supply pipes since the 1970s, as it’s now known that lead exposure can pose significant health risks, particularly to children and pregnant women.

It can also become brittle and weak over time, so Vince replaced a whole section with 25mm blue plastic MDPE – which is much better for your health and much longer lasting too!

Lead Pipe Replaced with Plastic


Looking at the ‘After’ picture, would you have even guessed we’d been there to find and fix a leak? We think it’s safe to say that Vince earnt his money that day!

This customer was lucky that Vince was able to resolve the problem on the lead pipework in one day. Sometimes old lead supplies are found to be in such bad condition that they cannot be repaired, because new leaks will just keep springing up at other weak spots along the pipe run.

Fortunately, we also carry our trenchless water mains replacements using pipe pulling and moling, under the trading name ‘Trenchless Mains Replacement’.

So if you think your water supply pipe needs replacing, just call the usual number 0800 731 3843 or visit http://www.trenchlessmainsreplacement.co.uk for more information!